Ideas From Top Writers For Exemplification Essay Topics


An exemplification essay is a particular type of document that allows authors to confirm their statements. If a student applies an exemplification paper in an article, its primary goal is to find a real example. Based on the arguments, the author can prove that his words are not empty and are valid in science. However, the main problem that haunts the students is the choice of a suitable theme. By choosing an irrelevant topic, the article becomes a failure and can alienate the potential reader.

Brainstorming is perhaps the most effective and popular method among students to generate ideas. Through this technique, students can find unique ideas that in turn raise significant questions.

There are other methods to help you choose an exciting topic. For example, students are looking for research in the science that interests them. Thus, the student can simultaneously select relevant topics and sources for the argumentation of their ideas. More experienced writers are also looking at peer reviews and opinions to find a good topic for exemplification essays. Are you interested in more secrets on how to create an exemplification essay topic? Then read our article to the end.

Exemplification Essay Topics – General Tips

An exemplification essay is a common type of academic paper designed to show vivid examples from life or history and help students describe, persuade, and explain their ideas. The relevant examples arouse the reader’s interest in the article. They want to know how much their opinion is similar to yours or the idea of a reputable writer. With this essay, you can answer all the reader’s questions. You are starting from “who,” “what,” “when,” “where,” “why,” and ending with “how.” Examples allow you to reveal the main idea of ​​the article better. You can not use examples that have little impact on the thesis or are superficial to the topic.

Exemplification Essay – Types

Students can create two types of exemplification essays. The first type aims to support the central argument. In this case, the writer can use several examples, but only related to the topic. These can be examples from life, books, stories – the main thing is to prove that your idea deserves attention and has a place in science. The second type of exemplification essay aims to apply one compelling example. That is, the example should be extensive and have many elements that can be used as arguments. Most often, this type is used by students who want to prove a theorem or their research. They choose a specific example and, based on it, establish their point of view.

Exemplification Essay – Trending Topics

For the exemplification essay, students can choose topics from any science. The main thing is that it is interesting to write, to argue, and for the reader to analyze. That you do not have a creative crisis, we have prepared a list of ideas. Use them correctly based on your interests or teacher’s requirements.

Narrow Topics for Exemplification Essays

  1. Do students need to pursue a master’s or doctoral degree?
  2. Should homeless people have free access to health care?
  3. How can health care help low-income families with a medical check-up?
  4. Should students be forced to wear uniforms?
  5. Should the country financially help students with education?

Extensive Topics for Exemplification Essays

  1. Students abuse drugs and psychoactive substances. Why does abuse of these substances lead to poor living standards?
  2. Why should the US impose strict rules on people carrying weapons?
  3. Why are parents irresponsible about parenting, relying on teachers for help?
  4. Why should animal testing be banned for cosmetic companies?
  5. Is social media helping to uncover talents, or will people have complexes?

Examples of Exemplification Essay Topics by Different Sciences

Students during their studies are faced with different subjects — consequently, essay topics vary in science. Students should select a topic and questions that relate to a specific subject. Below we have provided a list of topics for different disciplines. Each of you can find inspiration – choose and create masterpieces.

Art Topics

  1. Has art influenced the lives of different nationalities?
  2. Baroque painting is art for creative artists.
  3. Should galleries support modern artists?
  4. Is the artist profession profitable, or are there very few jobs?
  5. The government should create a decree banning paintings with naked people.

Technology Topics

  1. In educational institutions, it is necessary to prohibit computers, as they have a terrible effect on developing students’ creative skills.
  2. Why are there more cases of kidnapping and rape due to online dating sites?
  3. Most people are harassed on social media. Why doesn’t the government ban the use of social media?
  4. With the advent of artificial intelligence, employers stopped hiring real people.
  5. Smartphones give teens more freedom. How safe are they?

Religious Topics

  1. Why is religion the main cause of wars in the past centuries?
  2. Educational institutions should conduct religious lessons to develop spiritual strength in students.
  3. Religion badly affects the self-expression of people in society.
  4. Religion does not allow believers to diversify their leisure.
  5. Religion doesn’t support same-sex marriage – is it fair?

Business Topics

  1. Do people need to take business courses to improve their qualifications?
  2. Young people with creative ideas should work in the business.
  3. If women are given more rights and opportunities to manage the business, then economic performance will increase.
  4. Women help to sign necessary contracts and make good deals.
  5. Due to the coronavirus, many businesses have suffered. Why?

Music Topics

  1. Classical music allows you to develop stage skills.
  2. In the Roman Empire, the bone flute was the most popular musical instrument. Why did the Romans appreciate her?
  3. Shakespeare is considered the person who contributed to the development of classical music. Why?
  4. What role do women play in the development of music?
  5. Hip-hop – is music or a weird combination of words?

Languages Topics

  1. Should educational institutions teach students how to speak different languages?
  2. Why do overseas students learn English?
  3. From what age should parents teach their children to speak the state language?
  4. Students who are well versed in the English language do well in their studies. Do you agree with this opinion?
  5. People who know their native language feel more confident. Why?

Health Topics

  1. The state does not provide the population with free medical examinations. Why?
  2. Why does every American need health insurance?
  3. Why do some doctors not treat the patient but rather worsen his condition?
  4. Modern private hospitals are too expensive for the typical American.
  5. Why do older people begin to lead a healthy lifestyle only when they are very sick? Isn’t it possible to take care of health from a young age?

History Topics

  1. Many politicians supported fascism, but as soon as it gave terrible results, politicians turned away.
  2. Why did the Second World Won lead to technical progress?
  3. With the advent of democracy, many rulers have lost their political control.
  4. People in the third world don’t want to hear about democracy.
  5. Many African countries suffer from the laws imposed by politicians.

Media Topics

  1. The media is a platform that violates all laws.
  2. Mass media helps democracy develop.
  3. Mass media helps people to express their point of view freely.
  4. With the advent of mass media, new cultural entertainment has developed.
  5. How should journalists learn so as not to violate ethical and moral laws?

Science Topics

  1. Science develops thanks to technology. Why do many scientists think so?
  2. The most significant discoveries of science came in the twenty-first century. Why?
  3. The science that studies the evolution of life has provided a lot of knowledge for modern medicine.
  4. Scientific research is costly. What do you need to do to attract sponsors?
  5. Science is incapable of dealing with environmental problems. Why do people ignore this information and continue to harm nature?

Education Topics

  1. Why does early childhood education provide little information for future student brain development?
  2. Why shouldn’t teachers use corporal punishment?
  3. Lessons to learn foreign languages contribute to the development of cultural knowledge.
  4. There are too many written assignments for students. Because of this, students need to develop vocabulary. Is this approach effective or violent?
  5. Online learning is ineffective, and the student cannot achieve the required educational skills.

How to Construct an Exemplification Essay Topic: Step-by-Step Guide

Students should draw the attention of the reader from the very first lines. Therefore, you must compose the topic based on the interests of the target audience. When choosing a topic, students need to achieve the main goal – to find a convincing argument that will make the reader accept your point of view. Our step-by-step guide will explain how to do this. Apply the tips, and you will be able to find the perfect theme.

First step – Brainstorming

To create an engaging exemplification essay theme, you need to generate ideas. For example, in their research, scientists raise problems and find ways to solve them. So their idea of ​​writing an article is to provide solutions to problems. Brainstorming will help students generate ideas that they are interested in working with. Applying the method, many students find questions that are important for society and need to be discussed. Write on a piece of paper any ideas that come to mind. For example, you want to talk about how video games affect children or why the planet is dying from chemical emissions. Once you find interesting ideas, it will be easier for you to name an essay.

Second step – Researching

To collect arguments, evidence, and examples for an essay, students research the topic. Therefore, take the time to find reputable essay writers. The most reliable sources include journal articles, books, scientific research – start with them. If there is little data, analyze web resources, but very carefully, because authors do not always publish reliable information. All sources should logically support your theme. Therefore, choose only those information resources that are relevant to the topic. Simple quotes that entertain the reader will not work. Your task is to find evidence to support your opinion. So, take enough time to find the best sources. For an essay, 3-5 resources are enough.

Third step – Create A Title

As we noted, students need to create an attention-grabbing headline. If you already have proof and ideas for writing an essay, you can write a title. Without essential elements, you shouldn’t write a headline. After all, if you cannot collect authoritative sources to confirm ideas, then the title does not make sense. Choose a title that carries a semantic load, and in the text, you can prove its meaning. You can write multiple titles and pick the best one – practice as much as possible.

Fourth step – Revising A Topic

Before writing an essay, you should make sure you have collected convincing arguments, found ideas and examples that fit the topic. If your ideas are slightly different from the topic, then it is worth considering changing the title. Based on the topic, the audience should quickly grasp the meaning of the article. If the reader finds contradictions, he will think about whether you really 100% covered the topic. People love to read reliable information, and if you are distracted from the topic, they will hardly want to study your articles in the future.

The fifth step – Choosing The Best Themes

If you have compiled many topics at the previous stages and do not know which one to choose, we recommend containing the most relevant information. You can also read the headings to see which one sounds better. If this does not work for you, ask friends or colleagues to rate which topics you need most for discussion. Do not miss the selection process because how well you can build an article depends on it. We also note that there should be a controversial point in the topic. You can raise the issue and give your opinion if you disagree with the other author. Readers love to debate, and this is the primary purpose of the essay.

Exemplification Essay – Paper Template

There is a simple template for this essay:

  1. Topic. Your topic should be bright, short, understandable. Most often, the title contains 8-12 words. Headings over 12 words are hard to remember and read.
  2. Introduction. Find the hook that grabs the reader’s attention in the introduction. Provide a little background information about the topic. At the end of the introduction, write a statement that you can confirm in the body.
  3. Body – 1 paragraph. In the first paragraph of the main body, it is necessary to provide arguments in favor of the thesis statement. We also recommend starting a paragraph with a thematic sentence, which you can illustrate with an example. Remember to use connected words to move to the next paragraph.
  4. Body – 2 paragraph. In the second paragraph of the main body, write a counterargument refuting the thesis. Find real evidence to support the counterargument. If the counterargument is too hard to read, write an explanation to it.
  5. Body – 3 paragraph. In the third paragraph, you must refute the counterargument and write that the statement is correct. Find the main weakness of the counterargument and describe it. Thus, you will present the topic from two sides, but in the end, you will convince the reader of the integrity of your judgments.
  6. Conclusion. Finish your essay with a summative paragraph. Write a few sentences that will combine all the arguments into one picture. Write how this research influenced you and challenge the reader to action.

FAQ About Exemplification Essay

What should I write in my exemplification essay?

In an exemplification essay, you need to raise public interest issues and give your opinion on the topic. The statement must be supported by arguments so that the reader is convinced of the truth of your words. The topic can be different. It all depends on your discipline or science.

What are some good topics for an informative essay?

There are many good topics for an informative essay. However, most often, students write about religion, education, media, healthcare, technology.

What is the example of exemplification?

You can take examples from your own life, history, scientific research, magazines. Most importantly, do not forget that examples must support the thesis statement.