What Does It Mean To Be An American Essay


If you are a student at an American school, college, university, you will probably have to come across an essay where you need to write about baseball or Bob Dylan. Why do you ask? The answer is obvious – you are an American. After all, the best US hero, Bob Dylan, should be known to every student, and baseball is a real symbol of the United States and the national game. Here is the answer to the simple question of why write about these two characters.

Teachers who assign essays not only want you to know as much about America as possible, but they also help you develop your writing skills. After all, thanks to the composition, we learn to express thoughts in a free office. But the main goal of the essay is to teach you how to burn with the country.

The first goal of what does it mean to be an American essay is to develop writing skills is simple and does not create any problems for the student; it is only necessary to listen to the teacher well. Writing an American essay is not difficult. Your task is as simple as possible – to learn how to structure your essays using the introduction, body, and conclusion. Basing on the structure, you will build your thoughts correctly. Surely you already know who Bob Dylan is, and we think it is not meant to mention this replacement person again. What worries us most is the second part of the American essay.

Do you have enough strength and talent to present your thoughts in a patriotic way? If you feel that you cannot write in this direction, then the writing service will help you. There are no barriers for them, and they are ready to write on any topic. Moreover, all texts are unique and written from scratch, the likes of which you will not find anywhere else.

Of course, no one discourages you from creating essays yourself, and for this, we have advice for you. You can write essays on the topic, “I am proud to be an American.” This means that you need to write a few arguments in favor of America, why you will find yourself living here and what you think is the best in the country. The same should be done in the essay about American baseball or Bob Dylan.

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Arguments: What Does It Mean To Be An American

  1. For me, being an American means appreciating the laws of a country, democracy, sharing personal freedom, loving my nation more than any other.
  2. An American citizen will always watch American football more than any other.
  3. Playing baseball and appreciating the game as a national symbol of the United States is another argument for what it takes to be American.
  4. Being American is primarily about Bob Dylan’s creativity and listening to jazz, rock-n-roll.

An example of an American student essay

I am a native of the United States. During my life and study, I traveled through more than twenty-five states of the United States and saw many interesting people. Real-life and myths, community, and cultural differences. And I want to share this experience.

Ever since childhood, I have heard: “America is a country of freedom and democracy.” And indeed, it is. Without pathos and politics, at the household level, in everyday life. You can do whatever you want. There is only one condition – not to break the law and not interfere with others. This also applies to appearance. The choice of clothes is very free; the main thing is not complete without it. Although you can see topless girls in Times Square, this only emphasizes the right to freedom of expression. At the same time, you can walk with or without horns on your head, multi-colored hair (pink is now in vogue), make a new tattoo every day. Nobody will pay attention to it.

And I want to emphasize: if you dress elegantly and beautifully, everyone will see it. It’s customary in America to give compliments. Many compliments. Even just on the street, in a store, in the subway. Any stranger or stranger can easily say, “I love your scarf!” or “What beautiful shoes you have!” You answer, “thank you!” and everyone goes about their business in a good mood.

You can work, study, bum. What way of life to lead is exclusively your own business, because you are responsible for yourself? Again, the main thing is not to disturb others. In the States, they are used to doing everything on time and even a little in advance. If you are studying, you tend to wake up very early. Personally, New York taught me to get up at 6.30 and not be late.

Traveling around the States is comfortable, enjoyable, and affordable. The roads are perfect, even in settlements remote from the capital. Americans love their country. Domestic tourism is highly developed — national parks, natural and human-made wonders. Tourism in the United States is about super-comfortable information centers, hotels, restaurants, security, and hospitality. You have a choice: to hitchhike with a backpack behind you, to relax inexpensive hotels.

The higher the level of English, knowledge, skills, the higher the chances of a prestigious job and good pay. Note that in the United States, any work is respected. If you have a job, you can provide for yourself and not sit on the state’s neck. Students from different parts of the world work as waiters, wash dishes, take care of children, deliver groceries, and walk the dogs. This is an opportunity to rent housing (the most significant expense during your stay in the country), eat, buy clothes, get more expensive, so you feel like a human being.

A person with an education is a rich person — Americans value and respect smart people who are willing, able, and able to learn. Education is expensive. However, it cannot be said that it is not available. Everyone can make money on it, get significant discounts, a loan (mostly cheap), or a grant for training. The USA is truly a land of opportunity. You can get and achieve whatever you dream of; it all depends on your will and efforts.

The United States has tremendous opportunities for luxurious, nutritious, and varied dining. The most expensive are farm products. They are thoroughly tested – you cannot buy a test in the States – so they are organic. And the most popular lunchtime spot in Manhattan is the salad bar. A fast-food burger costs $ 6, and a salad costs about $ 10. New Yorkers love a healthy lifestyle in everything. And the issue of being overweight is really on the agenda. However, I would like to point out that sports clubs are extremely cheap, it would be desirable.

Frankly, I have not met so many representatives of different cultures, peoples, and nations as in the United States in my entire life. Africans, Japanese, Koreans, Indians. Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists. I have a friend from the Congo. He is a voodoo supporter. At first, I was afraid of him. Now I’m used to it. He’s a great guy. And not at all evil, as it seemed to me at the beginning. This is what is most impressive in the States – an incredible opportunity to explore life and people in all their diversity. The world is wide and exciting; one has only to take a bold step beyond the usual. I am proud to be American and represent such an exciting culture!

How to get help writing an American essay

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