American Dream Essay: Secrets of Successful Writing

American Dream Essay

The idea of the American dream has been passed from generation to generation. Besides, this idea is different for each American. However, all American dreamers agree that this idea is all about prosperity and success. What about writing an American dream academic essay? Let’s find the answers.

  • Ensure your paper brings something new to the common understanding of the American dream phenomenon.
  • Write the American dream essay introduction at the final stage of your paper so that it will draw the reader’s attention.
  • Once the article is written, leave it for a day and go back to it to check the possible mistakes.

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What is the Essence of the American Dream Paper? The Concept

First of all, note that the American dream paper is a narrative essay that is supposed to answer the question, “What is the American dream?” The concept should be explained interestingly and profoundly. So you should clarify the American dream concept. So what is an American dream concept? It is a success and prosperity, and a perfect life that is gained through hard work.

How to Compose a Proper American Dream Essay

  1. Select the best American dream topic.
  2. Generate a solid thesis statement which must be brand new.
  3. Compose a section with terms and definitions.
  4. Choose the appropriate quotes to make the essay about the American dream alive.
  5. Restate the thesis and analyze the detail in a concluding paragraph.

How to Generate the Outline?

As long as all the parts of the American dream paper should serve various purposes, it will be better to list each section topic sentence. Sometimes the ideas might be repeated in the first draft. So when you revise the paper, you may analyze the outline of the essay to find strong and weak points of it.

How to Write an American Dream Paper Introduction?

A good introduction must prepare the reader for the thesis statement. So ideally, each presentation should include:

  • A hook for the American dream essay;
  • The thesis statement that is the last sentence in the introduction paragraph;
  • Stating the main idea of the paper explicitly.

Body Paragraphs

  • Each paragraph must begin with a topic sentence, representing the main idea of the section.
  • Pieces of evidence are required in the form of facts, statistics, and quotes.
  • Smooth transition and conclusion summarizing the main points are obligatory.

The American Dream Essay Conclusion

The conclusion should restate the thesis statement, giving food for thought. So you will have to comment on the thesis statement, offer the next study, and provide a call-to-action. All the main points of the American dream paper should be reevaluated.

Why Utilize a Hook for the American Dream Paper?

A catchy hook is obligatory in every American dream essay, revealing the ideas of the American. So it should draw the reader’s attention in the form of unknown facts, anecdotes, statistics, quotes, and so on.

How to Select Good American Dream Paper Topics?

It might be somewhat complicated to choose the topic among a variety of exciting topics. However, you should make up your mind and select the most appealing item for you. Here is a list of fascinating topics.

Common Topics When Writing About the American Dream

  • What is the ideal American dream?
  • What is your American Dream?
  • What is the American goal of the 1950s?
  • What is the American idea in your own words?
  • What does the American Dream encompass today?

Narrative and Descriptive Topics for Your American Dream Paper

  • How do you achieve the American dream?
  • What does the American Dream mean to your essay?
  • What does the phrase the American Dream mean to you, and how do you embody the American dream?
  • Describe a person who has achieved their American dream.

10 Topics for High-school and College Students

Choose one essay topic for you:

  • What is the American dream, and why is it important?
  • Why the American Dream is worth pursuing in the country?
  • What are some examples of the American dream?
  • What are the prejudices that might ruin the American dream?
  • Is it possible to achieve the original American goal?
  • How did the American dream develop in America?
  • What are the benefits of the American dream?
  • Does the American dream still exist?
  • Is the American Dream possible to be reached by the immigrants?
  • How to achieve the American Dream?

What is the American Dream Paper

The American dream is an element of the culture of Americans. Firstly, it is all dreaming that dream about abundance. The American dream supposes the possibility to be filled with material resources in the United States. Secondly, it suggests that this ability is impossible without hard work. Also, this dream is a fuller for everyone with opportunity. Therefore, the American dream is achievable only via strong efforts.

The Great Gatsby American Dream Paper

F. Scott Fitzgerald in the novel “Great Gatsby” describes how the desire for wealth and prosperity might destroy a person. The main character is Jay Gatsby, who believes in his spare time that money will make him significant. However, he finds out that certain things in life are impossible to be bought, like love.

All in all, the American dream research paper is instead an ambiguous one. On the one hand, it is a positive phenomenon, but on the other hand, if people understand its concept in an improper way, it might lead to a disaster. Therefore, it is essential to take into account all the pros and cons. However, if you are unsure how to write such a paper, Essayup is always here to help you!