A Narrative Essay Outline

Narrative Essay Outline

When you write a narrative essay, you should craft your own short story. So you should accurately present your feelings and emotions. In other words, a personal narrative essay is a representation of specific individual experiences. Hence, the presentable outline is a must to write such a paper.

A good personal narrative essays outline features the following elements:

  1. Introduction (hook, transition, and thesis statement);
  2. Body paragraphs (the main ideas supporting the thesis statement);
  3. Conclusion (lessons learned and summary of the main points).

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What is a Narrative Essay?

It is such a type of various types of essay writing where you are supposed to tell your own story from scratch. The story of the narrative essay deals with the personal development of the author so you can use the first person, writing your narrative paper.

How to Start and End a Narrative Essay

Before you compose an essay writing, it will be perfect for generating a solid outline where all the main ideas will be mentioned. The topic of the essay must sound significant to you. Begin your narrative essay by stating the importance of the problem and finish the paper with a paragraph summarizing the significance of the topic.

The Structure of the Narrative Essay Outline

A proper essay structure is like this:

  1. Introduction (catchy hook, the significance of the subject, thesis statement).
  2. Body paragraphs (setting, background, characters, examples, and verdict).
  3. Conclusion (summary, a restatement of the thesis, relevance, call to action).

Narrative Essay Outline Introduction

As long as the beginning and finishing points are essential, you should capture the reader’s attention with an exciting hook. Your potential readers have to understand one and will get interested in reading further. In other words, you should intrigue your professor, audience, or client in this part.

The Thesis Statement

In this section of the introduction, you should mention the goal of your entire paper. So your main idea is to be presented in a thesis statement. Meaning, you are going to back up this main point throughout the document.

Narrative Essay Outline Body

There should be about 3-4 body paragraphs in the body of the narrative essay outline. You will need to place here the central arguments supporting your thesis statement. The body is also a place to introduce your characters and set the plot of your story.

Body Paragraph 1

This section should start with a topic sentence, where one of your main ideas is to be mentioned. Then, there should be a few supporting sentences, which back up your topic sentence. A small transition sentence might follow the supporting sentences. Finally, the conclusion is to finish the paragraph.

The Conclusion of Your Narrative Essay Outline

The conclusion is a significant part of the outline. So it must be convincing. Make sure your judgment includes the following components:

  • Thesis statement restatement;
  • Significant lessons learned;
  • Don’t forget to give a clear and engaging call-to-action.


The perfect conclusion should give an analysis, reflection, and moral of the story. Also, it must make sure the readers feel and understand the significance of the event described in the paper. Here you need to add how this event changed your life and what lessons you have learned through it.

Some Additional Tips

  1. Make the topic of the essays meaningful.
  2. Utilize concise and clear language.
  3. Organize the details correctly so that they are represented in a logical chain.
  4. At the final step, you must revise, proofread, and edit the paper.

The Ideas On Writing

  1. Choose the extreme events. It may be extremely different, sad, or humorous, etc.
  2. Select the topic you feel the most passionate and emotional of all so that you will have many ideas to present.
  3. If you are unable to choose the subject out of given, go back to your childhood. Remember the experience that might come up to your mind.

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