Privacy Policy

We put privacy first that is why we follow several basic principles to protect your confidentiality and personal information:

  • We request personal information only in cases when it is completely necessary and don’t ask for additional data that is not required for providing qualitative services;
  • Private information that we get from our customers is not stored on the website if it is not required by the law;
  • We give customers all the control over indexing, sharing, keeping or deleting their private information from websites;
  • We want to reach 100% transparency on how we gather, store and share personal information.

Privacy Policy below was created and composed based on the mentioned principles.

Our company and data that we protect

A website owning a company is called This Privacy Policy describes personal data that we obtain from customers when they:

  • Use our website;
  • Utilize our iOS and Android apps;
  • Use any other products and services that are offered on, including plagiarism software.

We do our best to recognize and support your privacy rights and to make sure your data is safe.

“Personal information” includes data that refers to you as a person (either directly or indirectly) and that is exactly what we aim to protect.

In the principles below, you’ll find information about how we collect, use and keep data, and will tell you what options you have concerning control over such information.

If you have any questions left, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will give you additional information on the privacy of your data.

How we obtain private information

We can either obtain private information directly from you or from partnering companies or legal arrangements. For example, contracts that you have signed with us or with partnering companies that act on your behalf to follow any contractual obligations.

We always ask for your consent and permission either from you directly or from third parties that already have your permission on sharing personal data with us.

Information that we collect

When you are visiting, we collect the following data:

  • IP address;
  • A device that you are using to get access to the website;
  • Technical data;
  • How you interact with the website.

You can get more detailed information via Cookie Policy. Here is a more detailed description of the information we collect:

1. Location

  • Verification of users;
  • Fighting frauds and dishonest usage of our website or reselling accounts;
  • VAT and taxation purposes.

2. Email

  • Initial sources of direct communication with customers;
  • Sharing promotional and marketing information with users.

3. First and last name

  • Verification of users;
  • Billing, taxation and providing invoices;
  • Protecting website from frauds and dishonest usage or reselling personal accounts.

4. Phone number

  • Verification of users;
  • Urgent ways of communication;
  • Customer assistance.

5. Physical address

  • Billing and sending invoices.

Why we gather personal information

We collect personal data from the users for one (or more) reasons that are stated below:

  • To provide you with services that you have ordered on our website;
  • To remind about the products or services you were interested in some time after your last visit to our website (if you are still an existing member);
  • To provide you with information on the products or services you have bought on our website, as well as on similar products or services;
  • To complete obligations that are stated in the contract;
  • For any legal reasons (for example if you signed a contract);
  • To tell you about products and services if you agreed to receive such information. 

Grounds of collecting personal information

There are only two reasons why we can collect your personal information: when you agreed on a certain action (for example receiving newsletters) or when you gave us a legal right to collect and store personal information according to the law or contract.

Legal reasons for processing private data

We process private information in the cases below:

  • You have started a contract with our company;
  • We obtained your consent;
  • You ordered products or services from us and we need to complete them;
  • You were eager to share personal information;
  • We need to do it according to the law.

How you give us your private data

We can obtain your personal details and your agreement on using information in the way mentioned below:

  • Completing a form or sending an email to our website;
  • Ordering our products or services on the website;
  • Leaving a comment or review on;
  • Reaching us through a phone call.

Information you provide can be of personal, educational or financial nature or has a direct connection with the order.

Information we collect from other sources

In case you are using websites that we also operate, purchase services inside our network or provide personal information to our partners that have permission to share that data with us, we have a right to use your information.

We also have a right to collect your data from third parties, including partners or subcontractors (in technical, financial or any other fields), advertising establishments, companies that check background data and any other networks that have a direct relation to collecting and storing information.

In addition, we have a right to store any files that you have accessed, downloaded or uploaded on We strongly encourage you not to share files that you don’t have a right to use. Files that contain either your personal details or information about third parties without their consent are also restricted. We don’t guarantee their security.

Parties that also have access to your data

Personal information that you share with can also be shared with other parties if you have given your permission or in case we have a legal right. Personal information can be shared with the parties below:

  • Our marketing specialists will send you promotional information once you sign up;
  • Our partners or subcontractors if your personal data is required to fulfill any obligations on the contract;
  • Subsidiaries;
  • Any third parties if you give us your consent.

Additional reasons for sharing personal information

If along with all of the assets is bought by a third party, personal information of our customers is transferred to a new company. Additional reasons why we may share your personal data include:

  • If we must follow a legal obligation;
  • If a governmental institution requested us to share information;
  • To apply agreements of the website, i.e. Terms of Use;
  • To provide safety and security of our customers and our own company;
  • When providing information is required to avoid risks.

Anonymous and aggregated data

Periodically we can send personal information to third parties but it is always aggregated, anonymized or both. This means that any data that can identify you will be deleted.

Such information isn’t personal and acts only as statistics. However, you still have a right to object to sharing such data.

Where information is processed and stored

Your private information is processed and stored in the EU or the USA. Once you accept this Privacy Policy, you give us permission to keep information outside the states above in case we have proper storage facilities.

Any information you share with us is encrypted by the latest software and is safely protected from any interventions.