Step By Step Guide How to Write a Great Essay Quickly

Writing an essay is a typical task for high school and college students. This is a paper that consists of several paragraphs but takes days of your work. You need to gather relevant evidence and prepare an introduction, body, and conclusion. But this is not your only task. Sometimes students face urgent assignments, so they need to know how to write an essay fast.

Tips for fast writing like a pro

So you will require professional help to write an essay fast and easy. It seems hard, but using special writing tips, you may increase your strength, decrease your weaknesses, and perform an awesome essay.

    With the following tips, you can not only write an essay fast but also receive other advantages. For example:
  • you will write content like a pro. It will be impressive, structured, exciting, and include all modern requirements;
  • you will save time on additional actions. Maybe you would like to read your essay aloud or just have a quick nap;
  • you will be sure in the essay quality. Such writing tips will ensure you not to worry about the results.

So here is a step-by-step guide for your fast writing. Even if you use half of these tips, you will increase your chances of a successful essay multiple times!

The most helpful tricks for quick writing

When you need to answer the questions of your thesis, find sources for your essay, and write a paper in a hurry, then 24 hours of the day seem not to be enough. But most students know the problem of limited deadlines and try their best with urgent essays.

So, you can write an essay in 2 hours with such precious tips. But you need to hurry up and use all your power to make this dream comes true. Besides, you may choose another way with 100% of the awesome results. You may order writing your essay by a professional team of authors. They will leave all their job behind and focus on your project.

Step 0. Calm Down. Breathe!

You can't make good content if your mind is in a hurry. Such a mental condition will cause problems with your memory, new misprints in the text, and other issues. That's why your first purpose is to relax and prepare yourself for hard work in the nearest hours.

To write a fast essay like a professional author, you need to concern about your topic and find your inner strength to make your paper fast. This is not as hard as you think. Just believe that you can, and you will handle this task. You may use this introduction and follow every step to your purpose.

Step 1. Plan Your Time

Think about the time you have. Make sure that it is a possible task for you. Then divide your hours into parts according to your task assignment. Make sure to leave 30 minutes, at least as a reserve.

But if you understand that you can’t finish an essay before the deadline, then hurry to order your paper. Use the help of experienced writers to execute this task. Sometimes it is the most rational decision.

Step 2. Read Your Essay Question Carefully and Answer It

Your task assignment is a source of questions and answers to your essay. If you are in a hurry, you may miss important requirements or questions to reveal in your paper. So slow down and read essay questions carefully.

Usually, quick answers will appear in your head. You should notice these thesis statements to build your body paragraphs on such sentences.

Step 3. Research to the Point

You need to gather information about your subject. This is called doing research. Sometimes reading good primary and secondary sources would be enough. And sometimes, you may require holding own research.

At this stage, don't forget that you are trying to write a fast essay. That's why every minute before your deadline is precious. There is no need to spend much time researching because you have to write your paper from toe to toe.

Step 4. Compress All Your Thoughts on Paper. Create a Killer Essay Outline!

Even if you hurry, don't miss this step. A simple outline will be very helpful for you because it means a blueprint of your future essay. So place all your important ideas and thesis to this text.

Don't forget that you are still making a draft. Small mistakes will not harm your essay because you will edit it soon and type from scratch the final document.

Step 5. Follow a Standard Structure

A traditional structure for your essay consists of 5 paragraphs. There should be an introduction, body, and conclusion. The body is the biggest part in length and meaning.

If your task assignment has other requirements about the structure, you need to rely on it. Make sure to reread your TA during fast writing.

Step 6. Focus On Quality Over Quantity

When you are in a hurry, you can make more mistakes. That's why it is so important to make your writing process not only fast but easy. The listed above professional tips will be very helpful for you.

Remember that if you control the situation, you can write an essay quickly and professionally. So stay focused on the quality over quantity.

Step 7. Make the Introduction and Conclusion Solid Last

If you follow these guidelines, then you already have thesis statements for your introduction and conclusion. All you need now is to make two separate paragraphs.

Remember that both these sections are small but meaningful. Your introduction should encourage readers and light the fire of their interest. Your conclusion must provoke further thinking about the subject.

Step 8. Spend about 40% of Your Time Writing the Rest

The rest of your essay is its body. This is the biggest section that usually consists of 3 paragraphs. The one-paragraph must describe the one thesis statement.

Try to note the time on writing each section. You are in a hurry, but the content quality is the priority.

Step 9. Don’t Forget about Revision

Even professional writers know how essential is revision for their fast essays. It helps you to stay focused on the content on the previous stages and edit all mistakes on the last step. Such an approach helps to make efficient use of your time.

In general, you need to left 5-10 minutes for editing and proofreading. This is enough time to correct weak and incorrect sentences.

Step 10. Use a Citation Generator

Good citations can improve every sentence in your essay. This is a very useful and efficient tool that suits all types of essays and possible topics. Students can also use websites with citation generator to find the best match for the text.

But please avoid using too many citations in your fast essay. This is a great argument, but it will lose its power if you place a new citation in every sentence. So keep in mind, the biggest part of your essay should contain your unique content.

A list of good research paper topics

These simple but impressive topics may be useful for students; you still don't have own idea for writing. Here are several points to think about:

  1. The role of the outsourcing for modern business
  2. Why cybersecurity means so much for people
  3. Top-5 white-collar crime examples
  4. Can drug legalization decrease the number of crimes
  5. Why nicotine is a harmful drug
  6. The core of the greenhouse effect
  7. The consequences of marine pollution
  8. The statistics of domestic abuse
  9. Why teens suffer from anorexia
  10. The freedom of speech in modern media sources

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