What Are Some Good 7th Grade Essay Topics


The 7th grade is a kind of threshold between elementary and middle school, so passing it means a lot for the development of students. They enter adolescence, they feel like adult persons now (yes, parents do eye roll here J), and they are treated in school as almost adults with corresponding skills. This is why essays completed in this grade need to be of higher quality and more complex than those created before.
The basis for these essays is that very 5-paragraph essay that they have learned already. Yet on this level of education, the essay should be clear, focused on the main idea, and coherent (that is, ideas of the essay are interconnected, and one idea logically leads to another one).

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Structure Of A Typical Mid Level Essay

Types of essay also become more diverse and sophisticated; they relate to different fields of study and to Different Ways People Communicate.

Types Of Mid Level Essays

Namely, essays assigned in the 7th grade can be:
• narrative (tell a story);
• persuasive or argumentative (persuade that some point of view is true);
• summarizing;
• evaluating a piece of writing by others;
• or delivering a report on some matter.

General structure of an essay

As you see, categories are numerous, and each will require their own approach. But the structure of every single essay will be the same, no matter what the essay topic is:
• Introduction;
• A thesis;
• Body of the paper with a number of paragraphs;
• Conclusion.
The introduction is a background for a thesis that is the main idea of the whole paper. In a thesis, you say what you will talk about and
In persuasive or argumentative essays, one of the body paragraphs will inevitably present the point of view of potential opponents and refutation of this point of view. Without this point, there is no persuasive essay. But in the rest of aspects, the structure is all the same – introduce the topic, say what you want to say, and conclude it.

Composition of a paragraph

It is easy to say ‘write nice body paragraphs’, but how, actually, does one write them?
A good paragraph has several important elements. Once you master them, you will create great paragraphs across your school, college and beyond.

The backbone of a paragraph is a topic sentence. It is a sentence that describes, in general words, the main ideas of the whole paragraph. Yes, one paragraph contains one main idea, and when you learn to stick to this rule, you will learn the proper writing style in general.
The topic sentence is expanded and clarified with the help of facts, evidence, examples, data, and your explanations and reasoning. All this material spins around the topic sentence and explains different aspects of this mini-topic. Once you have said everything you wanted to say, you transit to another paragraph and repeat all steps.

Writing tips for the 7th-grade essay

Writing is not only about knowing a structure. It is about knowing the key steps and tricks to create a really interesting piece, and now we will look at such tips for the middle school essay.


Research means that you look up accurate information on from reliable sources. Books and academic journals are all reliable sources. You may find them in the school library or search on the web. They will be published in journals of the kind ‘Social studies’, ‘Journal of environmental problems’, etc.

Websites can be different, and they don’t obligatory provide accurate and scholarly data. They may be opinion blogs or outwards fakes. How to tell if a website is reliable? It will represent a governmental or international organization (or famous non-governmental entity) or a branch of government, like the Department of Defense, for example, or Red Cross.
News websites can be used if they publish articles in which they say where the information comes from and who the authority behind it (a scholar, a university, etc.). If none of these requirements is met, don’t use the site for your essay.
So, you found a scholarly article that contains necessary information. What’s next?


Next, you do the draft. You jot down main ideas, put evidence next to them, and see if the text reads logically and clearly, ideas are convincing and up to a point. Most probably, you will have to add or remove something and repeat this step several times. Do it until people who you ask to read it can immediately and clearly see what you want to say, without clarifying questions.


Obligatory step, if you plan to submit a good 7th-grade paper. You may use online checking tools, like Grammarly, rely on the in-built spellchecker, but this is not enough. Such tools will not warn you about silly auto-corrections that make your paper intelligible and careless. You need to set the ready paper aside for a couple of hours, better for a day, and then read it with a fresh eye. Or ask someone to read it point out mistakes they see. It will help you find flaws that you may otherwise overlook.

Write on a topic you like, if possible

Writing is not the kind of activity everyone loves. It requires talent, practice and personal engagement in what you write about. If you are interested in the topic you write on, you will need to conduct less research, since you know a lot already, and it will make the activity appealing to you (at least, partially). So, if you have the right to choose prompts, do it, and choose the point for discussion that you would really like to talk about.

Prospective Topics

To facilitate your efforts and to push you lightly in the right direction, we offer a selection of topics, to begin with. They cover typical kinds of essays and are easy to write on while you or your teen is in middle school.


Tell about a thing that you did for a friend but did not like doing for some reason;
Tell about the trip that you will never forget or about a trip you would like to take;
Describe the most exotic food you have tried. Speak about its taste, look, smell, ways of serving, interiors where you had it, etc.;
Tell about a habit you would like to develop;
Tell about what makes you extremely angry and explain if you can do anything about it;
Tell how you did something for the first time if it was a success or a failure, and if you made a second try;
Tell if you plan to go to college and why;
Describe your strong sides of the character and how they are visible in your actions;
Tell of your favorite social network, why you like it, what makes it so cool;
Tell whether you have a person you look up to, who is he/she, what is so special about them.


Do wars waged abroad like in Iraq and Syria impact the USA domestically?
What are the flaws and strong sides of the election system in the US?
What are arguments for and against stricter gun control?
Homeschooling and its pros and cons.
Poverty and its effect on students and their ability to learn.
Healthy food and eating habits: how this idea changed through time.
Sports and exercises: are they necessary for everyone?
Are hobbies necessary for a happy life?
Has the idea of the family changed through time?
What are alternative ways of organizing a state along with democracy? What are their strong and weak sides?

Persuasive or argumentative

If you had a certain sum of money that you could donate to some cause, which charity or cause would you pick and why?
What subjects should be added or removed from the curriculum, and why?
Is it useful for students to take up a lot of extracurricular activities?
Do you think students in the middle school can contribute to their local community and if yes, in what way?
Is it possible to judge someone accurately by appearance? Prompt: what you can think about a person who follows the latest fashion trends and invests a lot into appearance?
What activity would you like to engage in more often and why? What is needed for it?
Did modern technology change the ways students think and behave now? Is this change very radical?
Should more technology and Internet be engaged in classroom activities?
Is climate change a true fact or imagined trouble? Why?
Should the USA change its foreign policies and if yes, in what way?
Can bullying be fully eradicated in schools and if yes, in what way?


Summarize a recent political/non-political event as described in the media;
Summarize a scholarly article of your choice;
Summarize a book you have read for the class;
Summarize your experience of giving a speech;
Summarize your experience of visiting some remote location;
Summarize the most interesting class you have attended;
Summarize the argument you had with a friend (and possibly spin it into a persuasive essay why you were right);
Summarize the TV show episode that impacted you very much;
Summarize the life story that you read or seen and that impressed you much;
Summarize the movie that inspired you with its message.

Evaluating a piece of writing or other creative work

Evaluate a book you have read recently;
Evaluate a movie you like;
Evaluate a movie/series you do not like and explain why;
Evaluate a newspaper article;
Evaluate a play you have seen;
Evaluate the live music performance of your favorite band;
Evaluate a painting;
Evaluate a building the style of which you like;
Evaluate one of the world’s famous buildings or historical sights;
Evaluate a piece of art that is famous but that you do not like/understand.

A Report

Report on a current political event.
Report on a piece of technology you find most amazing.
Report on the shops you have in your neighborhood. Can you make some conclusions about them?
Report on changes in shopping people did before and during the quarantine.
Report on health problems that are typical for the US population.
Report on a pay gap: what it is, how big (or small) it is, etc.
Make a report on startups: what are they, how they function, where they get found, etc.
Can you make a report on your schoolyear? What would you include into it?
Make a report on your grandparents. Describe them as you would describe celebs.
Make a report on pets, what are popular pets, how they impact the wellbeing of owners, etc.

Example Of The Paper

Let’s take the prompts related to sports, for example. We’ll talk about professional sport vs amateur sport. Consider the introduction.
Sport has become an integral part of the life of every American. From pre-school to retirement, sport is everywhere – on screen, on the nearby basketball ground, on huge stadiums during important semifinals and finals, and, for sure, in the spirit and body of everyone. Sport words have become common in every area of life, from business to friendly chats. Exercising is now almost like breathing, and in general, it is a positive trend, since it makes people healthier and happier. Yet not every kind of sport and not every activity do have a positive effect on the human body. Professional sports activity that gathers thousands of viewers is actually dangerous and has a detrimental impact on sportspersons’ health. This is why, instead of being healthy, famous athletes and football players have serious health issues and quit sports early. This paper will explore how professional sport can be dangerous for health, while moderate exercising is vital for maintaining a healthy body and mood.

Based on this thesis, you continue to talk about how professional sport drains resources of the human body, while light and regular exercise do the opposite, helping people stay fit and healthy longer. Do not forget about the brief conclusion.

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