Argumentative Essay



Education in college or university means getting new skills and knowledge. So writing homework is one of the numerous forms to check the students’ progress in study. Professors prefer giving you tasks in classes and as homework to estimate your knowledge to the full.

As a result of there a lot of different academic papers and essay types in particular. In this article, you will get detailed information about one type of writing called the argumentative essay. Find out its meaning, particularities, and professional tips in writing.

What is an argumentative essay?

The argumentative essay is a kind of academic paper and a genre of writing texts with own requirements and particularities. It means the comprehensive task for student: he needs to dive deep into the topic, collect and sort information, prepare thesis statements with strong arguments, and finally make a conclusion. All these actions must be done according to the exact writing style and manner.

Sometimes an argumentative essay is considered to be a final project at the end of the year and includes full research. But usually, it is a regular task for students with the requirement to make research of relevant literature or other researches which were published earlier. Besides, the task assignment may also mean a need to use empirical research methods and collect useful information. So students may hold surveys, experiments, interviews, etc.

The argumentative essay has 2 sides in the academic world. On the one hand, it helps to estimate the student’s process in the study and to give him a grade he deserves. On the other hand, such a job with paper preparation allows authors getting more interesting and useful knowledge for future tasks. As a result, the writer of the argumentative essay will discover a topic in all senses and become real experts.

So to write a good argumentative essay you need to know its important elements and characteristics. Use the following facts to prepare the best paper for any topic.

The main particularities of argumentative essay:

  • Argumentative writing must establish clear thesis statements. These sentences are the most important parts of your introduction. Besides, the author should use logic methods to find out the answers for own questions. Your emotions are not the best assistant, so try to be wise.
  • The introduction needs an explanation. The author should explain the reason why this topic is important and useful for the scientific community. If it doesn’t bring anything new or useful, then the student unlikely will get a high grade for his efforts.
  • The texts require logical transitions between its sections. The structure of the argumentative essay is quite traditional: it has an introduction, body, and conclusion. Besides keeping the proper structure, you need to make smooth transitions from one part to the next section.
  • The paper must include evidence and arguments. Without strong proof in argumentative writing, you can’t expect people to believe in your words. While making an overview of previous researches collect good arguments to use them in the essay. Remember that you need to explain your topic from different points of view and discuss opposite ideas.
  • The conclusion should include extended thesis statements. You can’t just repeat your thesis or add any new information to this part. The main task is to summarize your findings and provoke a discussion among readers.
  • The paper needs to be relevant to all requirements. This is not a unique feature of argumentative essay, but a general rule for all academic papers. Check all requirements in your task assignment and make the paper relevant. Also, don’t forget to make a proofreading and final revision of the text to prevent any mistake or misprint.

The student may create his argumentative essay with 2 approaches:

  1. The first method means using the five-paragraph essay;
  2. the second one means writing a long paper.

Before starting your paper learn more about both approaches.

The five-paragraph essay

The five-paragraph essay is one of the current methods in writing an argumentative essay. It is quite common nowadays, so students in different colleges often use such an approach to create their papers. Though the five-paragraph essay has no exact format, it differs from other methods with its structure.
When you write an essay according to five-paragraph standard, you need to create these sections in the text:

  • One introduction paragraph. This is a place to attract attention and present the main problem of research;
  • Three body paragraphs. The author should use great evidence to prove his position and cover the topic;
  • One conclusion paragraph. It is a summary of the thesis statements and main findings in the text.

As a result, the author will prepare a short, but useful essay. It will definitely be relevant to all task requirements of argumentative papers.

Longer argumentative essays

Sometimes the topic can’t be exposed in a five-paragraph manner. The author may need to hold more researches, require additional time to analyze results and share relevant findings. As a result, the common approach in writing an argumentative essay wouldn’t suite the task assignment. In such a situation the essay becomes longer and includes more than just 5 sections.

This is the way we get the second method in writing an argumentative essay. The author keeps using his skills and knowledge to make extended and comprehensive research, so the paper will match the topic. That’s why the length of such paper is a variable feature.

To write an argumentative essay or another paper according to all requirements in academic writing assignment the author must pay all his attention and efforts. Try to do your best, and you will be able to reach the highest grade!