What Is A Gun Control Essay?


Every year, the issue of gun control is of increasing concern to US residents. Mass shootings cause fear because most people consider themselves unprotected. After all, the authorities do not control the purchase of weapons.

Do you think people need weapons laws because no one adheres to them? And can everyone buy weapons to protect themselves? For this, students are allowed to express their thoughts in a gun control essay. Here they must show knowledge of how well they know the information about laws. Also, conduct research based on which it will be proved that gun ownership is good or bad.

With our guide, you will be able to write a text in a short time. We also prepared arguments, the best topics, and sources of information for writing an article.

Arguments for gun control essay

More than thirty people die every day from firearms, and this statistic is increasing every time. This is one of the arguments you can use when writing an essay on US gun control. But there are many more arguments for and against gun control, so let’s take a look at them:

Arguments for using a weapon: Arguments against using weapons:
  1. The legalization of firearms increases the ability of citizens to defend themselves.
  2. Weapons encourage people to come to the aid of other people in danger.
  3. Legalizing weapons leads to a decrease in the crime rate since potential criminals fear their lives and health.
  4. Weapons make a person calmer and more responsible.
  5. A legal pistol would allow citizens to organize street patrols and self-defense squads.
  1. Many people suffer from the legal use of weapons.
  2. The gun does not help to defend against the offender if he is too close to the victim.
  3. Guns make citizens more aggressive.
  4. It is not citizens who should fight crime, but law enforcement agencies.
  5. Because of weapons, terrorist attacks are getting worse.


With the help of arguments, have you decided the side to stay for? Great, now you know all aspects of using weapons. With their help, you can create a text that the teacher will give a high score. And with the help of the online program Grammarly you will be able to avoid grammatical, punctuation, stylistic mistakes.

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Ideas for writing a gun control essay

Do you know the topic of essay writing with which you can create an A-grade text? Not? We thought so. A catchy headline can arouse great interest in the reader. The title should express your point of view as vividly as possible. Examples of themes for gun control essay:

Topics for using weapons:

  1. A weapon is a murder that can save your life.
  2. In countries with free arms sales, the crime rate is lower.
  3. The right to arms is the right to defend.
  4. The more weapons, the more people are protected.
  5. The second edit about weapons takes place.

Topics against the use of weapons:

  1. The free carrying of weapons often provokes police officers to use weapons without motivation.
  2. Due to the fact that everyone will have weapons, fear for life increases.
  3. Mass shootings in schools, cinemas, universities with numerous victims.
  4. Who guarantees that the purchased weapon will be used for its intended purpose?
  5. You can quickly become famous with the help of murder.

Gun control: pros and cons

Every year, supporters and opponents of firearms control have come up with their pros and cons in the debate. But the question about this remained unresolved because everyone adheres to his side and did not find a compromise to solve the problem. We have prepared several, in our opinion, essential pros and cons for discussing this topic.

The main pros of gun control

  1. Based on world statistics: the US population is only 5% of the entire continent, but our country owns more than 50% of weapons worldwide.
  2. Other statistics show that people die most often from firearms. The study showed that 10% of deaths from weapons fall on one million people, but the United States does not take the first position, which is very encouraging. But South Africa is the leader in this statistic.

Main cons of gun control

  1. The right of citizens to possess and carry firearms is guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the US Constitution. It was adopted in 1789 and entered into force in 1791. In full, it sounds like this: “For the security of a free state, a well-organized militia is needed, the right of the people to keep and bear arms should not be violated. ” This amendment makes it possible to realize the people’s right to an armed uprising, enshrined in the Declaration of Independence. If gun control is in place, then this right is meaningless.
  2. If the government has introduced the right to own weapons, then there is no need to restrict it by any laws. But it would help if you understood that this amendment was made based on information from people who did not have higher education, and even more so without a legal education. But at the same time, you cannot restrict the right. All of you should know that any law can be canceled, corrected; if another law comes into force, it is more beneficial for violence. Therefore, if you look subjectively, then the pluses indicate that it is necessary to introduce tight control over the weapon, and it is still stronger.

A few steps to writing a gun control essay

Students who come across such a task will find it challenging to write essays right away without preparation. To choose the essay you want to write, you need to know the types of papers:

After choosing any of the essays listed above, you need to research the chosen topic. With these three steps, you will be able to create an impressive essay that your teacher will rate highly:

  1. It doesn’t matter if you are writing an informative article, doing research, or an essay defining what gun control is. Use the exact definition of your essay. For example, to do this, you can take a book in the library with definitions of what gun control is or find out about the meaning of using an Internet resource. Only after you have given the description, you can write what types of firearms exist. It will also be interesting for the reader to see statistics on how many people use weapons.
  2. The central part consists of exciting facts about gun control and the problem you want to convey to the reader.
    1. To get complete gun control statistics, you can use studies from different scientists or journal articles, where events are described in detail with numerical data, and not vague and generalized.
    2. If your assignment is to write a gun control essay, an interesting topic might be researching how a private individual’s gun caused innocent people to suffer. Students also chose stories about how children used adults’ weapons to make some attacks for the composition. For example, rob a store or play consequences around, which led to called to sad consequences. Another important topic was the study, where schoolchildren used weapons for violent purposes.
    3. If you are writing an essay where you need to cover the topic that gun ownership is right, you can give examples of people saving lives.
    4. All essay content depends on the purpose for which you are writing essays for or against. But it has a specific structure, where an argument is a required component. Therefore, before starting work, make a plan to clearly describe the introduction, the central part, what arguments and examples you can lead, and conclusions.
  3. And the last thing you need to do is leave a convincing conclusion. It is unnecessary to retell the essay’s whole essence; your task is to list the facts and arguments that will support your point of view (for or against). It is based on the facts that you manage to impress the reader; no one will believe you from empty words. Prove that your thesis to the text is true, and then the reader will not have doubts about your work.

As you can see, it is not difficult to create a gun control essay. But for this, you will need to record a lot of time, patience, and also analyze the sources of information based on which you can build a convincing gun control essay. We understand that not everyone can do this task, so there is an alternative. You can turn to the writing service, which will help you in writing any document. The writers will provide you with the original text with examples and accurate data without errors. We wish you the best of luck with your studies!