Importance of Selecting Fit Exploratory Essay Topics

Exploratory essays are another type of essay that students have to write during the education process in their educational institutions. Many learners said that exploratory essays are the trickiest. We can’t refer them to an argumentative essay. In order to succeed in writing this type of essay, a student has to be familiarized with its structure and form. Who does not want to write an explanatory essay effectively and get a good mark?

Another important step in writing exploratory essays is to select a suitable topic. This is where many students got stuck and panicked. Exploratory essays can be written on a wide range of subjects, and it is complicated to select one definitive topic.

We are ready to help by providing tips on how to select an exploratory essay topic. Moreover, we included a list of exploratory essay topics so that you have something to get started.

Ways of Picking Suitable Topic for Exploratory Essay

When it is time to select a topic for your exploratory essay, you may become confused. As we have said, an exploratory essay covers a broad range of subjects. You may simply waste time trying to pick a single definitive theme. You can ask for help from your educator. But there are no guarantees that you will get a topic you are interested in and sort out the proposed theme. Therefore, we advise viewing our tips for selecting an exploratory essay topic below.

Take into Account your Subject

Before you start selecting your topic, you should take into account the instructions of your assignment. If the educator asks to write about world politics, it is understandable that you should not write about the advantages of daily exercise.

Sometimes, educators can give freedom of choice so that you can write on any subject, for example, sports, health, family, etc. Also, they can give you a broad concrete category so that you will have to come up with a specific theme. The main rule is to familiarize yourself with your assignment attentively.

Pick a Broad Category

This tip can be used if the broad category was not assigned by your educator. Begin with a broader subject. It is better to pick a common thing that can have much information. You can take common issues that are discussed actively nowadays. Among good exploratory essay topics can be highlighted: technology, business, sports, culture, religion, family life, health or wellbeing, entertainment, politics, music or arts, etc. From these wide subjects, you can come up with potential titles. Pick one topic you are interested in the most.

Consider Common Subjects in Broad Category

After you pick a suitable broad category, the next step is to consider common subjects within it. What do people say about this concrete theme? Let’s consider an example where your selected broad category is technology. The examples of its subcategories can be computers, virtual reality, the Internet, artificial intelligence, smartphones, social media, augmented reality, etc.

Here we go, you have potential ideas for your exploratory essay. Now you have a base to get started with your work. Here the essay subject can be fit: “What restrictions should children be provided when surfing the Internet”.

Narrowing Down Subcategories

After you prepare a list of desired subcategories, narrow these subcategories down. Choose the most suitable subcategories for you. Let’s come back to broad category technology. If you understand how the Internet works but do not have enough knowledge about virtual reality, it is better to select what you are most comfortable with. Take into account your knowledge and skills. View news articles and mass media in order to understand what things are popular and are discussed around the world. Also, you can open social media and find hot topics there.

Pick an Interesting Title

The last step is to choose a suitable title. Take some time to think about your category. Keep in memory that it is better to select a broad category so that it contains much information. If you decide to write about little-known things, you can fail to achieve the needed amount of words for your exploratory essay because of a lack of information. Therefore, think and select attentively.

List of Interesting Exploratory Essay Topics

Now you understand how to select a suitable topic for your exploratory essay. But this is only in the situation if you have freedom of choice. If a topic was assigned by your educator, you have no other choice than to accept it.

If you still can’t come up with a suitable topic for an exploratory essay, we can help you by providing a list of interesting themes, especially for you. View our ideas and get started to write an excellent exploratory essay.

Exploratory Paper Topics in Family Life

  1.   Adoption is a great way to create a family.
  2.   Divorce is a way of destroying families and possesses a negative impact on kids.
  3.   Reasons for single parents need to get more support.
  4.   How do kids from two-parent families relate to kids from one-parent families?
  5.   Reasons for two working parents to create more strain in the family.
  6.   Ways of creating relationships between older or younger siblings.
  7.   Enumerate the most important duties of parents.
  8.   What age is the best for creating a family?
  9.   At what age should children move out of the house of their parents?
  10.   Importance of maintenance of relationships with distant family members.

Ideas for Exploratory Essay Topics in Technology

  1.   Evidence social media makes a drastic invasion of your privacy.
  2.   Smartphones are the reason why people forget how to communicate via speech.
  3.   Game consoles are restricting the development of our kids: truth or myth.
  4.   Television causes a reduction of mental capacity: truth or myth.
  5.   Self-driving cars are the reason why people can lose their driving abilities.
  6.   Advancements in the field of technology cause laziness: truth or myth.
  7.   Impact of virtual reality on humanity’s future.
  8.   Can artificial intelligence have ethical values?
  9.   The development of technologies is a reason for employment opportunities reduction.
  10.   Is it possible for computers and artificial intelligence to teach better than human beings?

Exploratory Essay Topics in Health/Wellbeing

  1.   Medical Marijuana is an effective form of treatment: truth or myth.
  2.   How do people represent ideal body image?
  3.   Is it true that famous people give a fake image of the human body to youngsters?
  4.   What advantages are possible to get from daily exercise?
  5.   Fitness and daily exercise can cause addiction: truth or myth.
  6.   What advantages are it possible to get for physical and mental well-being from dieting?
  7.   Coping with your mental barriers is a part of dieting.
  8.   Smoking cigarettes: advantages and disadvantages.
  9.   Changing personal health with age.
  10.   Ways of influence of retirement on people’s physical and mental health.

Exploratory Paper Themes in Sports

  1.   Sports are a significant facet of the physical and mental well-being of children.
  2.   The sports role throughout history.
  3.   Explanation of the fact that definite kinds of sport are more popular in concrete regions and countries.
  4.   Role of psychological factors in professional sports.
  5.   What can lead to victory in sport: possessing of natural talent or numerous training?
  6.   Impact of sports on the improvement of our physical fitness and well-being.
  7.   How can sporting greatness be defined?
  8.   Main distinctions between individual sports and team sports.
  9.   Ways for sporting stars to become celebrities.
  10.   Ways for transferring from amateur sports to professional.

Business Ideas for your Exploratory Essay

  1.   Start to explore the Blockchain because cryptocurrencies are our future.
  2.   Will there be an end to Bitcoin?
  3.   Development history of the online gambling industry.
  4.   Ways for a modern entrepreneur to prosper in business.
  5.   Accounting is an important facet of business management.
  6.   Will it be right to exempt large corporations from business tax?
  7.   Development history of Facebook.
  8.   Outcomes of transferring from traditional to the e-commerce business.
  9.   Explanation of the fact that eBay diversified online retail.
  10.   Investing in shares, Cryptocurrencies, Forex, stocks – where will you get the biggest benefits.

Music and Arts Exploratory Essays Topics

  1.   The positive impact of classical music on your brain.
  2.   Listening to music can change your mood: truth or myth.
  3.   Your music taste can reflect on your personality: truth or myth.
  4.   Our emotions are linked with music: truth or myth.
  5.   Can music play the role of a universal language?
  6.   What benefits can children get from playing a musical instrument?
  7.   Can music be a form of therapy?
  8.   Can music be utilized as a form of socialization?
  9.   Development history of music since the 1950s.
  10.   Influence of music on the unborn child while still in the womb.

Ideas for Exploratory Essays in Schooling and Education

  1.   Is there a need for students to pay in order to get a higher education?
  2.   Governments need to attempt to make school education more affordable.
  3.   Is there a need for schools to be changed into all digital workplaces?
  4.   Ways of preparing for any examination effectively.
  5.   Coffee has an influence on your concentration and studies: truth or myth.
  6.   Ways of making schools more appealing.
  7.   Is there a need to limit the usage of technology in schools?
  8.   Women attend college more than men: what does it indicate?
  9.   Is there a need for students to get more practical skills?
  10.   Is there a need for the existence of same-sex schools?

Exploratory Essay Topics Just for Entertainment

  1.   According to your opinion, what is the ideal length of a film?
  2.   Influence of showing violence in film or on TV.
  3.   Are there consequences of showing violence in film or on TV for children?
  4.   Reflection of modern society via films.
  5.   Netflix has changed our representation of watching TV. Influence of watching online films on the topicality of cinemas.
  6.   Does the Internet displace cinemas?
  7.   Can violent movies cause mental health hazards?
  8.   What is more entertaining nowadays: films or theatres?
  9.   Do actors get too much money?
  10.   Is the Oscars award ceremony a scam?

Do You Have a Topic but No Time?

Exploratory essays are aimed to provide information. Before choosing a topic, you need to comprehend how they work. As the title suggests, you should explore a concrete topic, matter, or viewpoint.

Selecting a topic is also complicated. But what if you have already got a topic for your exploratory essay but do not have time to write it? We know how to help you. Rely on professional writing services. On the Internet, there are many such companies that are ready to write your exploratory essay. But you should pick carefully.

Professional writing companies should offer user-friendly websites, affordable prices for learners. They should have positive testimonials not only on their own websites but also on independent platforms with reviews. Their customer support managers should be polite, helpful, and achievable day and night as your time zones can be different.

Reliable writing platforms offer high-quality results. If you place an order, you should receive your exploratory essay without plagiarism and grammar or spelling mistakes.

Writers of such companies should be true professionals. They can write an exploratory essay for you and other types of essays and writing assignments.

Therefore, if you have a task but not time, ask for help from trustworthy writing companies. Be sure all your writing requirements and deadlines will be met via professionals from writing companies. Do not hesitate; place your order today and, within several days, get high-quality results.


Importance of Choosing Motivational Speech Topics

Students` life sometimes can appear difficult. Learners have to write a bulk of essays, various papers as well as to prepare speeches. Such assignments require time, effort, and knowledge.

Many students believe that the most difficult part of every assignment is the writing process. You need to know the structure, format, as well as to possess the needed skills to cover the topic completely. At the same time, you need to meet the needed deadlines.

But we believe that the most complicated as well as an important part of every educational assignment is to select a suitable topic. Your success and mark can depend on your chosen topic. Therefore, it is important to select a theme attentively and carefully.

If a topic is assigned by your educator, there is nothing that can be done. You need to take all your efforts and write an excellent essay or speech. But if you have freedom of choice, you have more possibilities to deliver a perfect essay or speech.

Below we have prepared some ideas for your motivational speech to help you get started. Moreover, you can find useful information about things that guarantees a successful motivational speech.

Elements of Successful Motivational Speech

Every person wondered how some speakers attract an audience’s attention, why people want to listen to them till the end? There are no secrets or magic. Everything depends on how you present the information. You should possess the psychology of persuasion. Below, we have prepared elements of how to make your motivational speech successful and inspirational.

  • Attract attention.

Your main aim is to cause the interest of your audience. Find a suitable hook on an audience. Reveal the essence of your concrete angle of opinion.

  • Express the need.

The theme of your motivational speech is aimed to show the need for change. The best idea is to explain the relevance of the need to your audience. Make your topic touch the attitudes, interests, obligations, and values of the society. 

  • Meet this need.

If you want your motivational speech to be successful, you need to meet the need (that we have discussed earlier). Provide details and interesting facts. Explain how your solution operates.

  • Show the impact on the future.

Explain the benefits of your motivational speech. Let the audience see what they will receive from the motivational speech. Provide an example of how your idea was implemented successfully in other organizations.

  • Call to action.

Finish your motivational speech by telling your audience what actions should be taken to implement your plan.

Motivational Speech Topics for Youngsters

  1.   Ways of improving a person’s self-esteem.
  2.   Things that motivate you during your life.
  3.   Can you lead society to jubilation?
  4.   Things that motivate you to strive towards your future aims.
  5.   Things that motivate your lifestyle.
  6.   Don’t stop and give up until you begin to be proud of it.
  7.   Are you ready to lose yourself if you want to become everybody else?
  8.   What are your plans for the future?
  9.   Youngsters can be good ambassadors of explaining how to use social media.
  10.   Success is a journey of hundreds of kilometers.

Motivational Speech Topics for Presentation

  1.   Ways of losing weight fast.
  2.   How to defend yourself during the coronavirus pandemic.
  3.   Mother Teresa: the story of her inspiring life.
  4.   Every person on earth matters.
  5.   Nelson Mandela: the story of his rise.
  6.   Ways of developing ourselves personally.
  7.   The representation of the future world with technologies.
  8.   Treat other people the way you wish they would treat you.
  9.   Ways of making sales with the help of promotional jobs.
  10.   Explain why winners win, but losers lose?

Inspirational Topics for Students

  1.   Value time when you are a student.
  2.   Smart work causes the best results.
  3.   Ways of developing a positive attitude towards your teachers.
  4.   Ways of getting success in all your courses.
  5.   What role do your classmates play?
  6.   Ways of motivating yourself to do homework assignments.
  7.   How to get success in science in school.
  8.   If you fail an exam, it is not the end of your life.
  9.   Ways of finishing your homework assignments in a wink.
  10.   There is no need to take your phone to school.

Motivational Topics in Environmental Field

  1.   The explanation why trees are important for life`s preservation.
  2.   Ways for a human to live in harmony with wild animals.
  3.   How to reduce soil erosion.
  4.   World Environment Day: importance and main goal.
  5.   Ways of reducing the pace of global warming.
  6.   Examples of how staying at home have assisted in preserving the environment.
  7.   How to prevent the extinction of some species.
  8.   Ways of preserving trees.
  9.   Effective ways of recycling wastes by industries.
  10.   Reasons to refuse diesel cars forever.

Inspirational Themes for College Students

  1.   How to get success in your career.
  2.   Seeing education, not in respect of professional achievement.
  3.   The explanation why school plays a role of a unifying factor.
  4.   How to be a winner in life.
  5.   Reasons to learn how to exercise patience.
  6.   Ways of saving the world.
  7.   How to be a role model for your peers.
  8.   How to maintain discipline in college.
  9.   What effective skills should every leader have?
  10.   Ways of building a person’s confidence.

Other Ideas for your Motivational Speech

  1.   How to start your business.
  2.   Ways of saving money for a business.
  3.   Ways of building resilience in business.
  4.   Ways of getting success during adversities.
  5.   A story about the ten greatest leaders in the world.
  6.   Explanation of how Jack Ma became a billionaire.
  7.   Heroic actions of people can prove that humanity still exists.
  8.   How to make a proposal perfectly for your fiancé.
  9.   Ways of dealing with and overcoming trauma or depression.
  10.   How to make your dreams into realities successfully.

Still, Have Questions?

Do not worry if you still have problems in choosing a suitable topic for your motivational speech. You can brainstorm some ideas, ask for advice from relatives or friends. Also, you can hire a professional writer. He/she will not simply help you to come up with your topic, and a writer can prepare a motivational speech instead of you. Not every person is an orator; therefore, if you feel discomfort during the preparation of your motivational speech, we recommend not to waste time. Rely on professionals who will write motivational speeches on the perfect topic. All you need to do is to read the finished speech and present it to your educator. That’s all, and a good grade is in your pocket.


Importance of Our List of Process Essay Topics

Students have to write numerous essays on various subjects and topics during the educational period. Though an essay seems the smallest and easiest type of writing, this opinion is deceptive. Many learners spend days and nights order to write perfect essays while meeting the needed deadlines and cover the topic completely.

A process essay requires time and effort too. The students can`t handle it sometimes. Therefore, we have prepared helpful tips on writing a process paper and an enumeration of interesting process paper themes.

Definition of Process Essay

Many students believed that they heard the term “process essay” the first time. Still, the chances these students have written this kind of essay before are high. They just could not understand it. We are sure that you have read the process essay in the past times. Simply speaking, the process essay refers to the “how-to” paper. The goal of the process essay is simple – to tell your target audience how you reached the results. Moreover, process essays serve to analyze and explain the particular process.

Therefore, we can conclude that process essays are divided into directional process essays and informational process essays. Directional process essays provide instructions on an assignment or theme. Informational process essays, in their turn, analyze a process. Nevertheless, the goal of all process analysis essay topics is the same. They need to inform the target audience about things they do not know. After reading your process essay, your readers should know more about the topic.

Tips on Writing Process Analysis Essay

The most complicated part of creating every essay type is to get started. We advise allocating time in order to write your process essay. This process needs time, knowledge, and preparation. Below we have gathered the things you should pay attention to before starting to write your process essay.

Choose the Appropriate Topic

Writing every type of essay begins with choosing the topic. A process paper is not an exception. Your topic can be assigned by your educator. This method of getting a topic is the most undesirable. You have no choice, and you can receive a topic about what you know nothing about.

If you have the possibility to select the topic by yourself, it is great. Spend some time brainstorming in order to think about an interesting and unique topic for your process analysis essay. Remember that the result of your written process analysis essay will be better if you write about what you are interested in. Write about the thing you like as well as you have studied about earlier. Your research will be more effective if you write about something you are aware of.

If you can not think of a topic for your process analysis essay, we advise asking for help from your educator. Here again, your educator can recommend taking a topic that is not suitable for you. In this article, we prepared our enumeration of process paper themes so that they will assist you in getting started.

Take into Account Your Target Audience

Do you remember the goal of process papers? You need to write a process paper so that your readers discover something new about the topic by the ending of an essay. You write for your readers. If you understand who your readers are, you can present the theme properly. Moreover, it will assist in understanding whether formal or informal style to use.

Write an Outline

If you decide to write an outline for your process analysis essay, it will be a great solution. Outlines are really helpful for all types of essays. It enables you to decide what structure you want to use in a process paper. It is good if you worry so that your target audience is interested in reading the process analysis essay. But you need to make your process essay thorough and actually informative to achieve this goal. If you organize your thoughts, you will reach success.

Begin with an Introductory Part

The introductory part is an important element of every essay. In the introduction of your process essay, you will have to introduce your topic and tell your target audience about your writing aims. You need to catch the attention of your target audience in the introductory part. Therefore, it will be useful to begin this part with a rhetorical question or funny phrasing. At the same time, you do not want your target audience to become boring, therefore make your introductory part brief and include specific details in the main body of your process essay. All you need to do in the introductory part is to give a general background and motivate your target audience for further reading.

Continue with Main Paragraphs

Concrete rules and requirements regarding the number of paragraphs you need to include in the body of a process paper do not exist. Everything depends on your topic and what material you want to cover. Still, it is recommended to make your paragraphs short and concise. It will make the reading process easier for your target audience. Study a theme meticulously before beginning to compose body paragraphs. You need your target audience to understand body paragraphs easily. When you make every step, explain it to your readers. Your process essay can play the role of the manual that your readers need for instructions. Give explanations why readers should do every step and what the general goal is.

Finish with a Powerful Conclusion

Your summing up aims to analyze the ideas in your process essay. Make your conclusion concise. Do not repeat information you have already included in the body paragraphs of a process paper. Your readers have received all the needed information from previous parts. In your summing-up, just provide a concluding statement on what has been discussed in your essay. If you do everything correct, your target audience will put your essay aside after complete reading and be happy that they have read it.

List of Unique Process Essay Topics

Prepare to compose a process paper on any discipline and subject. Topics can vary from biology to art. If the brainstorming process did not help you and you are searching for some inspirational examples for process papers, we have prepared a list of interesting process paper themes for you.

  1.   How to prepare the most delicious Christmas dinner at home.
  2.   What steps should be taken first while starting your own business?
  3.   How to make a washing machine work again.
  4.   How to set a browser on your Apple Mac if you are new to IT.
  5.   How to improve the features of your smartphone.
  6.   How to create a LinkedIn profile, so it comes to the attention of prestigious hirers.
  7.   How to get employed on the desired job.
  8.   How to write a powerful resume.
  9.   How to write a strong cover letter.
  10.   What steps should be taken first while starting writing a book?
  11.   How to use your DSLR correctly and take good snaps.
  12.   What steps should be taken first when you decide to become a teacher?
  13.   How to get only high grades at the educational institution.
  14.   How to be ready for a science exam.
  15.   How to get the needed work experience in order to become a professional lawyer.
  16.   What steps should be taken first before starting making a movie?
  17.   How to prepare for the driver’s test.
  18.   How to make a good impression on hirers during a job interview.
  19.   How to use Microsoft Word if you are new to IT.
  20.   How to forget about procrastinating and start the act.
  21.   How to earn money by selling old belongings on the eBay platform.
  22.   How to save money in order to have the possibility to pay for the educational institution.
  23.   What steps should be taken first before starting learning a new language?
  24.   How to schedule a road trip across all states of the USA.
  25.   How to quit smoking forever.
  26.   How to defend yourself from panic attacks.
  27.   How to play chess as a professional player and win permanently.
  28.   How to show magic tricks and not to be revealed.
  29.   What steps should be taken first before starting creating your own website?
  30.   How to babysit with a newborn child.
  31.   What steps should be taken first before starting learning origami?
  32.   How to attract a great number of Twitter users and make them your followers.
  33.   How to prepare for the English exam in high school.
  34.   How to make a decision regarding what subjects to study in the future.
  35.   What steps should be taken first before starting writing a poem?
  36.   How to prepare for doctoral research.
  37.   What steps should be taken first before starting writing a good movie review?
  38.   How to carefully saddle a horse.
  39.   How to shun plagiarism in essays.
  40.   How to communicate with those people you possess nothing in common with but you are from one company of friends.
  41.   How to conquer the work burn-out.
  42.   How to force yourself to get up earlier in order to do more duties.
  43.   What steps should be taken first before starting attending the gym as a new to workouts?
  44.   How to write a science paper and get the highest grade.
  45.   How to prepare for a mathematics exam.
  46.   How to launch a YouTube channel.
  47.   What steps should be taken first before purchasing a new home?
  48.   How to make your colleagues your best friends.
  49.   How to change your life completely and move to another country or city.
  50.   How to carefully ride a horse.
  51.   How to get the needed work experience if you want to become a doctor.
  52.   How to set up a new PC if you are new to IT.
  53.   What steps should be taken first before starting installing flooring in your home?
  54.   How to improve your writing skills if you want to become a professional writer.
  55.   How to transform your hobby into your job.

Rely on Professionals

If you still have problems picking your topic or writing process, you do not need to give up. You can rely on expert writers who are able to write your process essay instead of you. You can forget about the stress that the deadline is near and you have nothing to present to your educator. Professional writers are skilled in meeting the needed writing requirements as well as the set deadline.

Rely just on reliable writing services that have a good online reputation. They should offer a user-friendly website, helpful customer support, affordable prices for students, high quality of services, etc. If you want to save time and be sure of a high-quality result, ask for help from expert writers. They will provide your process essay free of plagiarism, and you will get a high grade. We advise placing orders beforehand so that you can possess sufficient time to read the process essay and be ready for defense.

Problems-Solutions Paper Examples: Where to Find Them?

A problem-solution paper is another kind of essay that students have to write during the educational period. During writing this type of essay, students can use analytical and research skills. A problem-solution essay is intended to highlight an issue, its main reasons, and available solutions.

If you want to write such an essay successfully, you should consider features that define the theme of your problem-solution paper. These features include the thesis statement, concrete problems, highlighting possible resolutions, analysis, and pieces of evidence.

Nevertheless, every writing process begins from choosing the topic. A problem-solution paper is no exception. If you want to get a good grade, you should select the suitable topic that interests you the most. You should possess enough knowledge to cover your topic completely.

Among the widespread ways to get a topic for a problem-solution paper is to ask your educator to give it to you. Still, this way is risky. You can get a topic where you have not sufficient knowledge. Moreover, there can be less information about this topic.

Alternatively, you can find a suitable topic via the Internet. There are many pretty good problems and solutions themes examples. But here, you can fail again because such topics were analyzed several times before. It means your topic is not unique.

The best way is to view our list of proposed problems and solutions essay topics. They are unique, interesting and can help you get started.

Writing Strategies of Problems and Solutions Essay

There are many various strategies that can make the writing process of all types of essays easier. Problem-solution papers are not standard essays. Remember, the most useful strategy in the writing process of problem-solution papers is persuasion. You need to persuade the target audience that a problem exists and it requires a solution. We have already mentioned the next features: thesis statement, concrete problems, highlighting of several possible solutions, analysis, and pieces of evidence. Keep in mind that these features determine a skeleton of a problem-solution paper theme. Moreover, unlike standard papers, a problem-solution paper theme is laid out in the introductory part.

Problem-Solution Papers: Main Types

Every problem-solution paper has to recognize a matter, its reasons, and the possible solutions. These three features enable us to highlight three types of problem-solution papers. The first kind implies a description of the theme of a problem-solution paper. You do not have to analyze a problem, its reasons and propose a solution. The second kind involves a description of the issue`s reason and its solution. The second type is not concentrated on the problem itself but on its reasons. The third kind involves just a solution. After describing an issue in the introductory section, the body text should be concentrated on analyzing the solution to this issue.

Write an Outline for Problem-Solution Paper

If you want to achieve success in delivering a perfect problem-solution paper, we advise creating an outline. Like with all kinds of essays, a problem-solution paper should include five parts that can help writers to cover every feature highlighted above. These sections are the introductory part, problem, solution, and summing-up parts. Let’s consider every section separately.

  • The introductory part. A problem-solution paper intends to provide the target audience an idea about your mission. Readers can not cover all the theme`s features in the title of your problem-solution paper. In the introductory part, you should provide important facets, finishing with the thesis statement. The goal of thesis statements is to identify problems, their reasons, and possible solutions.
  • Problem part. This section refers to the main text of your essay. Here you should analyze the problem and its reasons. It is better to utilize an analytical tone. In this part, writers can offer background information.
  • Solution section. The solution part is an element of the main text of your problem and solution essay. Here you should indicate your problem and provide ideas for an actual solution. In this part, you should highlight what you believe is the resolution to the matter. If there are several questions in your problem, you should write different paragraphs; each of them should include an appropriate solution.
  • Summing-up paragraph. This part enables you to conclude their writing your problem and solution essay. In this part, you should repeat your thesis statement. This action supposes highlighting the main features of your problem and solution essay topic. Besides repeating your thesis statement, you should include your personal concluding thoughts about the discussed problem, its reasons, and offered solutions.

Problem and Solution Examples on Social Media

  • What are the dangers of dependence on social media?

Consider a dependence on social media as a serious problem and discuss its negative impacts. Analyze how such addiction influences separate people, families as well as communities.

  •   Problems of developing social networks.

Analyze problems that complicate the development of social networks as a problem and offer solutions.

  •   The adverse impact of social media on human socialization.

You can analyze an issue of the negative impact on socialization and propose a solution too.

  •   Facebook and Twitter have changed the definition of communication.

Analyze what impact social media platforms have on face-to-face communication.

  •   Social media in education.

Investigate the matter of how social media platforms can increase student-teacher interactions.

  •   Impact of social media on a person’s individuality.

Investigate the way social media influences interpersonal relationships.

  •   Is there a necessity for parental control in teenagers’ utilization of social media?

Analyze the way addiction to social media influences academic performance.

  •   What is the future of social media networks?

Analyze some obstacles that can undermine the development of social media platforms.

  •   Social media: impact on the home atmosphere.

Analyze the way social media causes conflict between teenagers and their parents and brothers/sisters.

Problem-Solution Themes on Environmental Pollution

  •   Pollution of air and society health.

Analyze the way air pollution causes complications with health. 

  •   What can lead to water pollution?

Consider water pollution as a matter and analyze its main reasons.

  •   What can direct the worsening of the global warming situation?

Consider global warming as a matter and analyze its main reasons.

  •   Humans as a reason for environmental pollution.

Analyze how deforestation influences the natural environment.

  •   Industries as a reason for air, land, and water pollution.

Analyze how manufacturing plants influence the natural environment.

  •   Reasons for environmental protection and conservation.

Explain how deforestation and oil exploration influence the natural environment.

  •   Define the economic and social advantages of conserving the environment.
  •   The health expenses of environmental pollution.
  •   Youngsters and the environment.

Discuss how the actions of youngsters endanger the natural ecosystem.

  •   What are the dangers of particulate matter?

Problem-Solution Themes on Endangered Species

  1.   Define the Importance of Protecting Endangered Species.
  2.   Natural Ecosystem: Meaning for Conserving Endangered Species.
  3.   The Conserving Endangered Species: what role does the government should play?
  4.   The Conserving Endangered Species: what role do game reserves and national game parks play?
  5.   Endangered Species and Changes in Climate.
  6.   People Encroachment as a Danger to Endangered Species.
  7.   The Significance of Increasing Awareness About Endangered Species.
  8.   The Conservation of Endangered Species: what role does the community play?
  9.   What is the reason for endangered species: is it policy failure or a natural phenomenon?

Problem-Solution Paper Themes on Obesity

  1.   Consequences of obesity on people’s health.
  2.   Reasons for kids’ obesity.
  3.   The notion of obesity and food culture.
  4.   Is there a link between obesity and the craze of fast food?
  5.   The influence of obesity on people’s self-esteem.
  6.   A sedentary lifestyle is the leading cause of obesity.
  7.   The influence of the social environment on obesity level.
  8.   Obesity in the USA: is the situation getting better or worse?
  9.   Obesity and parenting.
  10.   Impact of obesity in adolescence.

Problem-Solution Paper Themes on Mental Health

  1.   Impact of anxiety and depression in American youngsters.
  2.   Define what factors can cause mental disorders?
  3.   The strength and weaknesses of the mental health care system in the USA.
  4.   Discuss mental health in US veterans.
  5.   Fight against severe depression: what role does your family play?
  6.   The role of race factors on mental health.
  7.   Define the development of mental health issues.
  8.   Can effective interventions beat mental health disorders?
  9.   The important role of psychiatric institutions.
  10.   Discuss community mental health care for social workers.

Problem-Solution Themes on Criminal Justice Systems

  1.   Criminal Justice System: enumerate main strengths and weaknesses.
  2.   The Criminal Justice System of the USA is Fair: prove or refute.
  3.   Existence of Racial Disparity in the Prison System of the USA.
  4.   Existence of Prison Overpopulation Problem in the USA.
  5.   What role does the criminal justice system play in a fight with runaway crime?
  6.   Is the Criminal Justice System a Burden to the Government?
  7.   Does the criminal justice system play a more important role in order to rehabilitate or punish?
  8.   Incarceration is the most suitable resolution to juvenile delinquency.
  9.   Reasons and solutions for recidivism.

Problem-Solution Paper Themes on Higher Education

  1.   Higher education is the path to social and economic mobility.
  2.   University education: advantages and disadvantages.
  3.   The lack of higher education can reduce a person’s economic prospects.
  4.   The place of higher education in times of multiculturalism.
  5.   Virtual learning: what are the benefits of higher education?
  6.   Can loan of the learners lead to entering high colleges?
  7.   What role do student loans play?
  8.   What role do college fraternities play for international college students?
  9.   The importance of a college degree.

Problem and Solution Essay Topics on Homelessness

  1.   Homelessness is a problem in major world cities.
  2.   Homelessness is a problem of the government.
  3.   Homelessness is an issue in the community.
  4.   Poor government policies are a reason for homelessness.
  5.   Homelessness is evidence of economic disparity.
  6.   Homelessness and mental health: what is the link between them?
  7.   What are the factors causing the rising number of homeless people in the USA?
  8.   Homelessness problem: solution of this matter.
  9.   Homelessness is the result of inadequate houses or policy failure?
  10.   Affordable housing: is it a resolution to the homelessness issue?

Problem and Solution Essay Topics on Globalization

  1.   Globalization is responsible for increased cases of corporate fraud.
  2.   How does globalization influence the growth of multinational corporations?
  3.   Influence of globalization on international trade.
  4.   Globalization and child labor: is there a link between them?
  5.   Globalization: main advantages and disadvantages.
  6.   Is there a need for governments to be concerned about borderless trade?
  7.   Benefits of internationalizing a business enterprise.
  8.   Globalization’s influence on foreign policy.
  9.   Globalization is responsible for consumerism culture in the modern world.
  10.   Globalization: what is the economic benefit for developing countries?

Problem-Solution Themes on Substance Use and Abuse

  •   What are the Benefits of Group Therapy for Drug Addicts?

Analyze drug addiction as an issue and explain the necessity of group therapy.

  •   What can lead to drug addiction?

Discuss unemployment as the main reason for drug utilization and abuse in families with low income.

  •   Can the social environment be a reason for the drug problem?

Discuss the way urbanization has directed a drug matter.

  •   Government policies: the role they play in the fight against drug abuse.

Discuss how government policies can help to beat the problem of drug abuse.

  •   Group Therapy is an Intervention in Substance Use and Abuse.

Discuss hard drugs problem and how group therapy can assist addicts in getting rid of addiction.

  •   Substance Utilization and Abuse: Impacts on Health.

Analyze how drug addiction can undermine a person’s health.

  •   Legalized Marijuana: pros and cons.

Analyze how marijuana can affect a person’s health in order to dispute against marijuana legalization. Utilize health issues as an issue connected with marijuana.

  •   Arguments for Medical Marijuana.

Discuss pain as a reason to legalize marijuana for medical purposes. Here, pain that occurs from health complications will be the problem that needs a solution.

  •   Arguments for Recreational Marijuana.

Analyze that despite marijuana consumption being illegal, evidence proves that people are purchasing marijuana in the black market. Here, illegal trade will be a problem. The solution is making marijuana legal for recreational purposes.

  •   Reasons for Disorders connected with Substance Use.

Here it is possible to link the tendency of disorders connected with substance use to dysfunctional families. In this situation, the tendency of substance use will be the problem. The breakup of the family unit will be one of the central causes.

Time for a Conclusion

Despite the fact that the writing of a problem-solution paper can appear interesting for you first, it requires time and effort twice more than a standard paper. Though the structure is the same as in other kinds of essays (introduction, main paragraphs, and summing-up), some students failed to write their problem-solution papers from the first attempt.

You should be responsible during writing your essay. First, you should come up with a topic that will surely attract the attention of an audience. You should show that a serious problem exists and you can provide effective solutions.  After finishing the writing, we advise re-reading your problem and solution essay twice in order to sound confident while presenting your essay to your educator and groupmates. Do not forget to follow the structure, check your essay on grammar and spelling mistakes, assure that solutions to the problem are effective. Show that the problem worries you and what influence it possesses on the modern world. Explain why this problem should be solved immediately.

Construct your thesis statement correctly to define an issue, its reasons, and solutions. We hope this article was useful and helpful for you. Now you know a little more about how to write an effective problem and solution essay. Moreover, do not forget to use a list of interesting problem and solution essay topics.

Use Online Help

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What Are the Main Stages of Writing an Explanatory Essay?

High school, college, and university students often write essays. The basic aim of this written work is to consolidate, deepen, and specialize the knowledge and skills of the student. This is done by independently solving problems relevant to science and practice.

Explanatory Essay Definition

As for an explanatory essay, this is a type of paper in which the author expresses a particular point of view on a certain topic, situation, or event. The author of the work does not have to agree with the expressed point of view. He must conduct analysis, identify key aspects, and make an explanation. As a result, this should confirm or deny the stated position.

Fascinating Themes for Creating a Quality Explanatory Paper

If you are faced with the task of completing an explanatory essay, you should consider the below topics:

  • Complex coordination exercises and their impact on the health of young people;
  • Restoration of mental capacity using physical recreation;
  • Physical exercises for the harmonious development of the future mother;
  • The place of physical activity in a healthy lifestyle;
  • Correction of physical health and physical fitness of students in the process of engaging in health-improving activities;
  • Problems of gender differences in society;
  • Problems of violence against women and ways to overcome it;
  • The problem of poverty and wealth and the criminogenic situation in terms of sociology;
  • Social tensions and conflicts in modern society;
  • Social protection of children and health care;
  • Marital relations in social and legal legislation;
  • Features of practical counseling of orphans, children left without parental care;
  • Ecological education of the population;
  • The problem of environmental pollution during several historical epochs;
  • Creation of nuclear power plants and their threat to humans and the environment;
  • The role of natural nutrition, the impact of cooked food on the body;
  • Problems of resource supply and resource conservation in the country;
  • Socially oriented market and its characteristics;
  • Economic growth of the state due to the marketing policy of enterprises;
  • The problem of creation of joint-stock organizations in the region;
  • Farms and prospects of their activity;
  • Ways to achieve an effective balanced development of the national economy;
  • Features of economic development in different countries of the world;
  • Organization principles of international economic relations;
  • International Monetary Fund and its impact on economic development in the world;
  • Organizational relations in the management system;
  • Purposeful work of the manager on himself;
  • The essence of the quantitative theory of money and the reasons for its emergence;
  • Monetarism and its modern application;
  • Sustainability of money and methods of achieving it;
  • The main factors influencing the external circulation of the state.

Algorithm of Work Execution 

The main algorithm of preparation and implementation of an explanatory essay is as follows:

  • Selection of the topic;
  • Writing a preliminary work plan;
  • Compilation of a bibliography of sources necessary for the study of the research question;
  • Collection and processing of information, analytical materials;
  • Conducting research, carrying out analysis;
  • Elaboration and presentation of research results;
  • Text editing, error correction;
  • Arrangement of paper according to requirements.

How to Start Creating an Explanatory Essay: Preparatory Stage

The whole process of work can be divided into three main stages:

  1. The preparatory stage;
  2. Stage of work on the content;
  3. The final stage.

The initial stage begins with a meaningful choice of the topic of work, its justification. From the proposed topic of the essay, the student chooses the one that best suits his research interests. The topic should be consistent with his abilities. Preference is given to a theme in the development of which the student can show a maximum of personal creativity and initiative.

Topic Selection

The student should read the literature sources to select a good topic for an essay. It is important to thoroughly analyze educational literature, as well as periodical publications in popular editions. It is also important to take into account the themes of previous works and own research interests.

The title of the explanatory essay should have clear wording. It should reflect the content and determine the subject of study. When choosing a topic, the student should describe the relevance, purpose, and specific tasks of the work. Thus, it is important to define the relevance of the topic under consideration and the main essence of the idea.

Literature Search

The study of literature on the chosen topic should begin with general works. Then you should search for new material, conduct more narrow research.

Studying scientific literature is a very important assignment. So, the article or monograph should be read with a pencil in hand. This allows in making extracts. It is appropriate to begin acquaintance with the edition from the title page, having found out where, by whom, when it was published. It is necessary to review the content that reveals the structure of the publication, its sections. When reading the publication, it is recommended to carefully follow the course of the author’s thought. You should be able to distinguish the main provisions from the evidence and illustrative material. You need to write all the necessary quotes, numbers, facts, conditions, arguments, etc.

Actuality of Work

First of all, it is recommended to substantiate the actuality of the selected theme in a few sentences to pose the problem itself. The choice of a research problem determines the strategy and methodology of the whole study.

Main Purpose of the Research 

The next step is to formulate the aim of a study, as well as to define specific research objectives. The purpose of the work is usually consistent with the name of the paper. It should clearly indicate what the author is trying to decide. The formulation of research tasks should be done as carefully as possible. The description of their solution will be the areas of research, determine the content of the paragraphs of the work.

Research Object and Subject

Next, the object and subject of research are determined. When determining the object, subject, and goal of a study, you should not forget that they must be in direct relation to the topic. There are logical system connections between them. An object is a process, phenomenon, or relationship that creates a problem situation and is chosen for study. The subject of research is only those essential connections and relations which are subjected to direct studying in work.

Work Plan

At the end of the preparatory stage, a working plan of the essay is drawn up. Such a plan only outlines the subject. In the next stages, it should be clarified. The number of basic paragraphs is determined by the chosen topic and usually ranges from 3 to 5. The work plan has an arbitrary form. It usually consists of a list of simple questions that are due to the internal logic of studying the theme.

Structure of the Explanatory Essay: Work on the Text

The main structural components of an explanatory essay are the introduction, the main part, and the conclusion. Below we will consider in detail the features of writing each of them.

In the writing process, it is expedient to use such methodical techniques:

  • To be strictly consistent, to represent a material according to the work plan;
  • Do not start the next sections until the previous one is completed;
  • Adhere to the integrity;
  • Resort to selectivity.

Specificity of Introduction Writing

Experts recommend creating an introduction to your essay only after the main body completion. In this part, it is important to write why you chose this topic for analysis. Also, indicate what determines its relevance and practical value. You need to define the purpose and objectives of the study and its subject and object. The methods by which the study was conducted are also determined. The structure of the work, its main content are briefly revealed.

The introduction should mention the names and works of those scientists who provided a methodological basis for the work. The review should not represent bibliographic descriptions of the literature being analyzed. It is enough to name the author and provide a reference to the original source. The review should end with a brief conclusion about the degree of coverage of the main aspects of the topic in the literature.

The introduction should formulate the essence of the problem situation, which will show the actuality of the topic. The student must also formulate the object and subject of analysis in the introduction. At the end of the section, it is important to reveal the structure of the work. That is, to give a list of its structural elements and justify the sequence of their location.

Creation of the Main Part of a Paper

The main part consists of three or five paragraphs. The content of paragraphs, their ratios are determined by the work’s theme, goal, and tasks.

In this part of work, you should:

  • Define or clarify the basic concepts of the study;
  • Briefly consider the history of the development of an issue;
  • Describe the concepts, theoretical positions, conclusions of researchers on the problem;
  • Describe the foundations for the selection of research direction;
  • Analyze the problem, conduct the research;
  • Provide suggestions on how to apply the results.

Writing a Conclusion

The conclusion is the third major section of a paper. It is presented after the main text. Conclusions should highlight the implementation of research objectives. They must correspond to the general structure of your essay. The text of the conclusions can be presented in the form of numbered theses. Their formulation should be as clear, understandable, concise as possible.

In the final part, the positive points that were discovered as a result of studying the topic should be highlighted. The shortcomings and problems that arose during the work are also indicated here.

Text Editing: Final Stage

At the previous stage, attention was focused on the general content of the work. During editing, its literary design is checked and critically evaluated. First, you need to reduce the secondary material, improve the composition of the paper. It is important to check how well-founded the conclusions are, whether the ideas expressed are logically related. It is important to pay special attention, whether there are no repetitions, whether the information is stated consistently. The expediency of using illustrations and diagrams in the text is defined.

After that, the style is improved, grammar, spelling, and punctuation are checked, links are improved. At the end of an essay, the content is finally adjusted, the titles in the content and the main text are agreed upon. A list of sources used is compiled.

Typical Mistakes in Writing and Designing an Explanatory Paper

Among the main mistakes in writing an explanatory essay are the following:

  • Non-compliance of work design with the established requirements;
  • Lack of references to sources of information;
  • Excessive citation;
  • Inconsistency of references in the text of the list of used literature;
  • Lack of stylistic unity in the text;
  • A large number of grammatical, lexical, syntactic errors, etc.;
  • Inconsistency of the general content of the theme;
  • Unsystematic presentation of material, repetition of the same provisions;
  • Logical errors, inability to highlight the main information;
  • Unsuccessful combination of theory with factual material;
  • Rewriting material from printed publications without any analysis of data;
  • Violation of the logical sequence;
  • Insufficient or too large volume.

Explanatory Essay Example

Below is an excerpt from the explanatory essay on an environmental topic. Use it as a sample for writing your unique paper:

The global environmental crisis caused by anthropogenic interference in natural processes poses a threat to life on Earth. The question arises: can it be overcome? Most experts today answer this question in the affirmative. They note that solving this problem requires great efforts from humanity.

The main difficulty of the problem is that the development of civilization will usually lead to pollution of the environment. And that’s why. The development of civilization involves the growth of industrial and agricultural production. It also involves the expansion of transport networks and means of transportation and, accordingly, a significant increase in energy consumption.

Moreover, the population of the Earth is constantly growing. Until the middle of the XXI century, it can reach 10 billion people. At the same time, the fact that it is impossible to organize completely waste-free processes should be taken into account. Complete elimination of any waste leads to an increase in the cost of production and so on to infinity. And this pattern is true for all types of industrial products.

Start writing your paper. You have all the knowledge you need to create a unique explanatory essay. Now the main thing is to put them into practice!


Useful Tips and Thesis Statement Examples for Research Papers

Research is a purposeful and organized process of mental work directly aimed at the production of new knowledge. In the course of the research, it is possible to allocate the following basic stages:

  • Preparatory. At this stage, the topic of research is selected and approved. The student defines the purpose, tasks, subject, and object of research. A work plan is drawn up and approved, literature is selected and studied, and the research itself is carried out;
  • Work on the content of research work. This stage involves writing and designing of work;
  • Final. At the final stage, the student writes an introduction and conclusions, draws up a list of references and appendices. Preparation for the defense and defense of research work takes place.

So, it follows from the above that writing a research paper is the result of successful research work. But creating a quality document is not as easy as it might seem initially. The student’s work on paper is connected with:

  • In-depth study of the theory;
  • Consolidation of previously acquired knowledge into a certain system and updating them in the process of practical solution of the problem;
  • Formation and development of skills of independent research and experimentation.

Preparation of research work increases the scientific erudition of the student and expands cognitive interests. In addition, it deepens the theoretical training of future specialists.

What is a Thesis Statement?

All research papers have thesis statements. It is one or two small sentences that express the main idea of the work. The text of the paper itself defends the thesis.

A thesis is a form of thought that gives a new explanation of phenomena. It is based on the knowledge that has already been accumulated. But it reveals previously unnoticed patterns (for example, the idea of ​​universal development in dialectics). The birth of the thesis is the mechanism of cognition. The new thesis changes the perception of the scientist not as a result of a strict rationale for existing knowledge. It is also not a simple generalization. It is a qualitative leap of thought beyond sensory data with a strictly justified meaning. The development of science takes place in such a way that theses always appear. And there are always those who have no explanation from the standpoint of existing theories.

A thesis can not only exist before the creation of the theory as a prerequisite and basis for its construction. It can also reduce the number of theories to a separate branch of knowledge. The thesis is organically linked to principle and law. In theory, the thesis acts as the original idea, uniting the concept and measure of knowledge into a holistic system. It contains a fundamental law on which the theory is based. Whereas in other terms, only certain aspects of this pattern are reflected.

It should also be noted that the thesis emerges as a result of a long, intense search. New theses can arise under the influence of paradoxical situations. There usually is a small, unexpected result that contradicts the generally accepted position of science. The thesis reflects the object of study. It also contains an awareness of the purpose, perspectives of knowledge, and practical transformation of reality. Theses are born from practice, observations of the world around us, and the needs of life. They are based on real facts, events, and specific tasks that life puts forward.

An assumption, conjecture, or hypothesis is the development of a thesis. But in research, the hypothesis most often allows the thesis to develop. In this connection, it seems appropriate to indicate that hypothesis is a reasonable assumption to explain the facts, phenomena, processes, and trends in their development. It involves theoretical or experimental confirmation or refutation.

Why Is a Thesis Statement Important in Research Work?

The thesis is a short summary of the basic provisions of scientific work. It involves the prior acquaintance of the reader with the results of scientific research. The thesis summarizes the basic principles of the paper. It allows a writer and a reader to remember the text of the whole work at any time.

Basic Steps in Creating a Thesis Statement

The work on writing a thesis statement includes several steps:

  • Step 1 – Selecting key information that gives an idea of your work. It may include the basic data or results of the research, the specifics of its conduct, etc.;
  • Step 2 – Selecting the format. There is no set format for a thesis. The hypothesis you are trying to bring will help you in choosing the format;
  • Step 3 – Getting feedback. When you write a research thesis, share it with your classmates, as well as family and friends, who are not dealing with this topic. Pay attention to whether they understand its meaning. Correcting mistakes at this stage will give your thesis a better chance of being successful;
  • Step 4 – Presentation of the thesis. After completing the editing process, complete the thesis in the text of your paper.

Guidelines for Constructing a Thesis Statement

When creating your thesis, try to adhere to two basic rules:

  • The main requirement for a thesis statement is that it should be as clear as possible. At the same time, ambiguity should not be allowed. For example, the following thesis statement is ambiguous: “Laws must be followed”. Here it is not at all clear which laws the author implies. We can talk about both the laws of social life and the laws of nature. In addition, it may be related to legal laws. With this in mind, it is very important to adhere to the rule of clarity and accuracy when creating a thesis. It is highly recommended to avoid ambiguity. Remember that the wrong word can completely distort the meaning of the sentence. So, consider each phrase in detail;
  • The thesis statement must remain unchanged. That is, the same position must be proven. If this rule is not followed, you will not be able to prove your point of view and find good arguments. Therefore, try to remember the original formulation of a thesis and adhere to it in the process of writing the paper.

Main Mistakes in the Construction of a Thesis

When writing a thesis statement, mistakes are often made. Let’s consider the main ones.

Loss of a Thesis

Complete loss of the thesis. Starting to write a work, we can get distracted and forget about which thesis statement is the basis of the work. Against this background, the second thesis often arises. To prevent this from happening, you need constant self-control. You need not lose the main idea and line of reasoning. Thus, you should provide the main provisions in their relationship. In the event of an involuntary consideration of related opinion, go back to your original position and support own opinion with strong arguments.

Complete Substitution of a Thesis

The second mistake is a complete substitution of the thesis. Having put forward a certain position, something else begins to be proved, close or similar in meaning. That is, the main idea is replaced by another. Substitution of the thesis is the result of carelessness in the reasoning. That is when we do not preliminarily formulate clearly our main idea but clarify it throughout the study.

Partial Substitution of a Thesis

The third mistake is a partial substitution of the thesis. It occurs when we try to modify our own thesis. At the same time, we narrow or soften our initial too general, exaggerated, or overly harsh statement. In some cases, under the influence of counterarguments, we tend to soften our very harsh assessment. In other cases, the opposite picture is observed. 

Which Type of Thesis Statement Should I Choose: Persuasive or Informative?

Scientists distinguish two basic types of thesis statements: persuasive and informative. The choice of type depends entirely on the purpose of writing the paper. If your goal is to convince the reader of the credibility and veracity of the position expressed, then choose a persuasive one. If your goal is to inform the reader, you should give preference to an informative thesis.

How to Start a Thesis Statement?

As stated above, a thesis statement takes up little space in your research paper. Therefore, it is inappropriate to describe your research or detail your thoughts there. The main thing is to be short and clear. You need to start the thesis in such a way that it immediately attracts the reader’s attention. It is recommended to express the text’s main idea, use opposite statements, find reasons that confirm your position, etc.

Be creative, and you will create a good start for your thesis statement. The main thing is to remember the main idea of ​​a research and the purpose of writing a paper.

Useful Formula for Building a Strong Thesis Statement

Before you create a thesis statement for your paper, consider a formula that will certainly help you with this:

Although counter-argument (opposite to your opinion), subject + opinion. This is because of cause 1, cause 2, cause 3. 

Here is a thesis example that corresponds to the specified formula:

Although the brand is not a material property of the product, it is important for the manufacturer because it attracts the attention of buyers who seek to limit themselves from products made by ‘dirty’ technologies.

Examples of Good Theses for Your Paper

Below you will find examples of memorable thesis statements that will surely help you in creating your unique one.

College Education

Here are examples of theses for research work exploring college education problems:

Considering that science and creativity are beginning to play a leading role in economic development, firms seek to recruit young people capable of non-standard creative thinking.

The manifestations of academic dishonesty may be due to the peculiarities of national legislation in the field of education and science. However, there is no correlation between students’ social status in the stratification structure of society and propensity to academic dishonesty.

Although 2020 has changed the way of life of many people, higher education in Austria is still relevant. Most importantly, residents of the CIS countries can still get it.

Healthcare and Medicine

Below are examples of thesis statements on the topic of health and medicine:

Despite the profound changes taking place, healthcare delivery models have changed little over the past fifty years. Rising costs and inefficient structures mean that health systems will not be able to meet the goals of universal health coverage and broader sustainable development goals without radical transformation.

Despite significant advances in medical diagnosis and treatment, health systems are still predominantly systems of patient care. They are not associated with more global factors that influence health.

Ensuring the accessibility of essential medicines has been a major concern for several decades. But today, the focus is also on stimulating the necessary innovation, health issues that have not yet received adequate attention.

Social Issues

If your work is based on the study of social problems, then you should consider the theses below:

Even though outside the 21st century, the problem of poverty and hunger remains relevant worldwide today.

Rational economic and management mechanisms are necessary for the successful functioning of social entrepreneurship. There is a pragmatics of the need to outline appropriate strategies for the development of social enterprises to fulfill their social mission.

Today, issues of human development are considered through the prism of involving people in key areas: social, cultural, and economic. The greater the proportion of people excluded from these areas, the greater the threats to sustainable development.


So writing a good thesis statement is not an easy task. But everyone will be able to cope with the assignment in the case of observing thesis statement structure, the basic rules of writing, etc. It is also important to avoid common mistakes in writing.


Top-notch Guide On Criminal Justice Research Topics

Criminal justice writing covers different subjects in college or university programs. It may be either a separate discipline or a topic in the related subject practice. One way or another, it is a complicated task when you need to write criminal justice research. How should you manage the writing? What questions should be asked? 

You may have heard about different research types. This kind of writing is more complicated than most of the tasks. First of all, you should choose the correct theme for the work. Otherwise, it would be a complete nightmare both for you and the reader. And the second aspect is your proficient attitude to the task. How much do you know about the topic? What facts can you use to prove your ideas? This guide will show you how to choose the topic and offer a list of topics if you can’t come up with a proper idea. 

Criminal Justice Research Writing Practice: Useful Tips

Paper writing is an intricate process. You never know how complicated the task may appear. But in reality, working on the paper is easier with helpful tips. Here are some tips that will make your writing practice less demanding:

  • Start with the research. This is a difficult topic, and you can hardly cover the discussion without proper preparation. If you want your work to sound professional, there must be well-developed research. It will help you in providing the facts, offering evidence, and presenting your thoughts in the text. 
  • Don’t forget about the outline. If you have a simple essay task, there’s still a need to develop a coherent structure. With an intricate topic, you should keep the organization of the text clear. It is also a helpful tool if you reach for better communication with the readers. 
  • Look for relevant data and ask questions. If you don’t study law, it could be a real struggle to manage the assignment. Thus, you should look for trustworthy materials online or in the library to present the information correctly. If you have no insights or need more data, you can always reach the professor to get more details about the chosen issues. 
  • Stick to the requirements. You can find useful information in the requirements for the task. There’s not only the indication of word count or several pages. Apart from formatting details, there may also be tips for choosing a topic or other helpful writing tips. 

Criminal justice research writing is an interesting task. You can develop new skills in managing the facts, structuring the paper, and offering your ideas in the text. When you follow the order, stick to requirements and use the outline, writing becomes way easier. 

How To Choose the Most Fitting Topic for the Paper 

Working on the paper should be easy. But when it comes to criminal justice writing, students start asking questions. What is better to choose for the topic? What tasks should be addressed in the paper? How many subjects should you choose as the basis for the paper? The discussion can be endless when you have the topic. But how can you find the right theme for the research? Here are some useful tips for students who struggle with the choice of the topic:

  • First of all, you should focus on the things you are interested in. If you enjoy criminal justice, you must know the aspects you would like to cover. If you don’t like criminal justice as a discipline, you may have watched films or TV series. What episodes did you like the most? What was the most impressive for you in the episodes? 
  • If you don’t have the ideas, you should consider your particular discipline. Have you touched upon any topic-related issues? If there was any criminal justice discussion, you can take the same topic and develop it in your paper.
  • Ask your group mates. In many cases, working on the criminal justice task provokes questions. You can ask your group mates what topics they use in the essay. It may help you find the best theme. 

What should you remember? There are several paramount things for consideration. But the key task is always the same. Make sure you monitor the requirements and follow the rules of the assignment. 

The Best Topics for Criminal Justice Research 

What is challenging about the topic for the essay? You may have no ideas when there’s a need to write a paper. Thus, you should look for ideas online. Here’s a good list of topics for every student. You can look at the list and choose something for yourself. 

  1. The concept of family violence: is it present in our times? Who is responsible for violent actions within the family? How should a victim defend himself in cases when there’s violence? 
  2. What is the picture of domestic violence that we see online? Who are the victims of home violence? Why are these children and women experience violent attitudes in most cases? 
  3. What are the most common crime theories? What critiques can you give about these theories? 
  4. Are there former prisoners? How can a prisoner become a part of a regular community? 
  5. What is the tendency towards crimes in the US? Can we relate it to the higher rates of unemployment? What are the connections between these two notions? 
  6. Are people managing crimes intelligent? Should one be intelligent to win the race and hack the system? Or should there be enough risk? 
  7. What is dangerous about online fraud? Who are the victims of online hacking attacks? How can regular users protect their data from fraud? 
  8. What are the consequences of drunk driving? Is it the cause of the huge number of road accidents that happen more often? 
  9. Drug issues in modern society. Should drugs be legalized? Is there the concept of bad and good drugs? Why do people take things that are bad for their health? 
  10. What conditions are in the nursing homes? Are there any illegal actions among the residents? 
  11. What is the US police? What can you say about the brutality of the officers on duty? 
  12. What is crime mapping? How can it prevent crime? Are there any other working ways to prevent crime? 
  13. Cyberbullying has become a massive issue these days. What should people do about this type of online attack? 
  14. How can one prove that organized crime is less dangerous than the transnational crime? 
  15. Who are terrorists? Why do they behave the way they do in public? What are the laws that can deter their illicit actions? 
  16. What if there were no victims of crime? Who should be responsible for the outcome of the crime? 
  17. What are social prerequisites for a crime? 
  18. Should we use cameras to monitor the situation on the streets? 
  19. What is the social media picture of sexual exploitation these days? 
  20. What are the law conditions for immigrants? 
  21. Drug trafficking: how can we stop the industry? What are the consequences?
  22. What is the benefit of private prisons? Who should get into private institutions? 
  23. Who constitutes a higher group of criminals: men or women? 
  24. Who managed the worst crimes against humanity in history? 
  25. Reforms to prevent juvenile violence in schools and other educational institutions. 
  26. What are the rates of criminal activity within the poor regions of the country? Is there any connection between poverty and criminality?
  27. Surveillance in the modern world. Should we be scared of being surveilled? 
  28. What are the most characteristic traits of prisoners? 
  29. Can the government control crimes and prevent them? What is the responsibility of the power institutions when the crime is done? 
  30. What are effective ways to protect children and prevent juvenile violence in school? 

With a fitting topic, you can manage the whole writing procedure like a pro. It can be a real challenge to find the theme to cover in your criminal justice writing. But with a choice of possible ideas, you should be more open to the discussion in the paper.

Major Takeaways 

Criminal justice writing may seem complicated at first. But with a properly written outline and a good topic, every student can cope with the assignment professionally. When it comes to difficult tasks, it is necessary to follow the structure and use helpful tips. Otherwise, the writer can get lost in the thoughts and fail to provide the necessary facts correctly. 

The choice of the topic is a major issue in essay writing practice. It is always a tricky part of text writing since students can’t generate ideas instantly. This is why the help from the list of topics is the best way to choose a theme. If you struggle with choosing the ideas, this guide will be a helpful hand for you. 


A Clear Thematic Essay Guide: Write A Top-notch Paper Like A Pro

Being a student is a responsible undertaking. There are so many tasks you have to deal with daily. The amount of work is huge, and you don’t always know how to cope with the tasks correctly. Why is it so difficult to put all your things together and manage the scheduled tasks? The amount of work is impressive, and there’s a need to plan everything correctly. If you fail the schedule, you won’t be able to keep up with the assignments. 

Another thing is the type of the tasks. The variety of writing assignments is so big that students can hardly remember the names of the tasks. There are different essays, research papers, reviews, and reports. How should you manage the papers when there are so many kinds of them?

The best way to deal with the tasks is by following a clear guide. The number of tasks is huge, and with straightforward guidance, you don’t need to keep all the details in mind. This is an easy and helpful way to work on the tasks when you are flooded with the assignments. Academic writing tasks may be quite similar, but each of them has its peculiar features. 

If you take the same approach to all the tasks in your schedule, you will get fewer points and can even fail the writing. For this reason, it is important to follow a strict writing procedure to get good points. 

  • Clear guidance will be of great use when you work on the paper for the first time. If you haven’t covered the task before, you need a helpful guide to start. 
  • You should also follow the plan when the task seems intricate for you. There are different kinds of work with tricky requirements. When you are overwhelmed with the task rules, it is always a better choice to get some pieces of advice from a clear guide. 
  • And another reason why you need to read the outline and get more about the writing is the inability to structure the work on your own. Have you got any difficulties with the text? A well-developed online outline should be your best helper. 

There are so many ways you can help yourself with paper writing practice. But the most proven way to make your writing fruitful is help from clear guidance. This way, you will meet all the obligatory requirements presented by the professor and manage the work on time. 

Thematic Essay Writing: Learn These Peculiarities Before Writing a Paper

Today, we are going to cover an interesting topic. What is thematic essay writing? What are the main features a student has to know? What tips may help you manage the paper easier and beneficially present the topic? First of all, we need to answer the key question. What is a thematic essay? 

There are different essay types that students may receive during their studying routine. Some of them are quite similar, but others have so many different aspects. There are crucial details important for every writer. You’d better cover these things. Otherwise, you will hardly manage the text like a professional:

  • The first thing you should know is the specificity of the task. Thematic essay lies in focus on a particular topical question. You have the literature work and need to build your text on the exact topical issue. It is necessary to develop the ideas based on the information revealed in the original paper. 
  • What means should you use to manage the task? There are different literature means that help writers cover the issues and render the ideas to the readers. First of all, you should resort to metaphors and comparison techniques. There are also epithets and personifications. You can find the list of the most commonly used literature techniques to make your writing more specific and professional. 
  • Your major task is to identify the subject of the work. When you are done with subject identification, it is time to disclose the topic. 
  • There’s a need to operate facts, use evidence and help yourself with vivid examples that you found in reliable sources. Why do you need to work on the facts and present clear evidence to the readers? A clear and well-developed research process will help you come to prolific conclusions. It is complicated to come to a logical end when you have nothing to base your statements on. 

These are the basic concepts that every writer should cover before practicing the material. A thematic essay is an interesting task for those who are in love with in-depth and thorough research. If you can relate, it will be a piece of cake for you. But what if you don’t have great research skills but still need to manage the task? 

Thematic Essay Writing: Key Challenges Waiting for the Writers

What is the key challenge students have when dealing with a thematic paper? There are different topics you may choose for writing the paper. But in most cases, you will associate your work with various social issues, intricate and complicated historical periods. What is the challenge? It is often a difficult task to choose the subject that would be interesting to discuss. You also need to find relevant and trustworthy sources to back up your statements. Another thing touches upon the relevance of the topic. Do you consider the particular subject correct? That’s great! But are you sure that your readers will follow your train of thought? In many cases, it is a real challenge to combine all these aspects and manage the choice of the topic. 

What can you do to make your topic fit perfectly? The best way to adjust your topic to the readers and make it a rewarding experience for both sides is by analyzing the audience. Who are your readers? Do you know much about them? Here are some helpful tips that may be useful if you want to define the audience:

  • Who are your readers? What is their specification? What do they do daily, and what are their interests? These questions will give a better idea about the direction of thought to choose a relevant topic. 
  • What is the age of the readers? If the people are older, you need to adjust your writing to make it sound more professional. If the readers are of your age, you should develop a strategy to make the reader interesting and entertaining.
  • Is the topic appropriate for the overall academic discussion? There are events, periods, and subjects that provoke uncomfortable situations. If you don’t want to hurt the feelings of your readers, you should be picky when choosing the topics. 

The most critical task is to be logical. There are lots of issues to be discussed. If you try to cover everything at once, you will lose the main point of the paper. Thus, you should build your discussion coherently and point out the key issues important to the readers. 

Highlight Your Theme Correctly: How to Work on the Central Issue

What should the writer do to get ready for the paper? First of all, one can always benefit more when the number of researched papers is huge. When you get more info about other types of academic writings, learn more examples, and read about the topics, you operate the facts better. Thus, it is always a good idea to read related papers to get a better idea about your particular task. 

Some students misunderstand the fact of looking for samples. It is not the same as copying the information. What you should do is find inspiration and encourage yourself to write. With clear samples of thematic essay papers, you will surely get the idea of the text and enhance your writing skills. You may also look for other essay examples. The specificity of paper writing is similar. The more you read, the more you know and can apply it in your practice. 

But how should you write the paper? What are the key principles to identify your central problem? It has already been said that the number of possible topic ideas is huge. And you never know if the reader will enjoy the discussion. If you work on a paper for the first time, looking for the topic is the easiest task for you. But when it comes to the structure, things get tough. 

Thematic Essay: Outline the Paper Correctly With a Coherent and Well-Structured Plan

What is the purpose of the outline? It serves as a clear and helpful roadmap for writers who doubt what to write about. An outline is an easy guide to help you make the writing process less complicated. In most cases, papers follow the same well-known structure. It is called a 5-paragraph approach. This is what may be of great use when you get stuck at the beginning of the process. 

Do you need the outline? It is the foundation of the while paper. When a writer has no supportive outline, the thoughts will be scattered on the paper. And it will be more challenging for readers to grasp the idea of the writing. Thus, with a well-detailed outline, one can rely on the structure and apply a logical approach. How should you manage the outline? There are general principles every writer should follow. Here are the necessary building blocks to present the task professionally. 

  • Introduction. Everything starts with a good and juicy intro. You must know what aspects should be discussed at the beginning of the paper. This is some general information that the writer has to cover as the first section in the text. You should include the name of the paper. It is most beneficial to use an interesting hook to interest the readers. If you have any additional facts, dates, or info about necessary personalities, you should mention it in the introduction. The last part of the first section is a thesis statement. Many writers avoid this strict division and follow their own rules. But if you only start the paper and aren’t sure about your professional skills, you need help from a detailed outline explanation. 
  • The main body goes next. To perform the text logically, you should first divide the main topic into several less meaningful sections. What are the subsections of the bigger issue? Your task as a writer is to manage the division coherently and discuss each part in a separate paragraph. It is also necessary to manage the structure within the paragraph. What goes first? What examples and evidence go next? Being coherent with the sentences and ideas within the section will also contribute to the overall quality of the writing. 
  • Time to manage conclusion writing. It is a common case for students to underestimate the necessity of a well-developed and clear conclusion. But the paper consists of basic parts that have the same value for the readers. And if you underestimate one of the sections, you can fail the whole result. Thus, you should pay the same amount of attention to the conclusion writing. First, get to the thesis sentence and present it differently. Then you should look through the main part and refer to each of the key examples discussed in the paper. And finish it up with the final, conclusive sentence. 

Thematic essay writing is interesting in terms of topics. But it has nothing special when it comes to the structure of the paper. The organization of the text is quite simple and refers to the norms of the writing language. If you are familiar with essay writing norms, covering a thematic paper outline won’t be difficult for you. 

Write a Thematic Paper Correctly With Our Help

With the knowledge of a proper text structure, you can manage the format. However, a good format is only half of the paper. The other half is the content. You need to provide an interesting and well-structured paper with a clear outline. If you try the following tips, the whole writing process can become easier for you.

  • Choose the best topic for discussion. What should you cover in the paper? What periods in history do you want to discuss? There are lots of interesting issues that students haven’t studied before. If you have a particular interest in the topic, you should use it in the paper. If you don’t have a preference, you should look for the ideas. Try to be creative and produce intricate themes. There are lots of text assignments on the same topic. If you want to stand out among the students, try to generate an interesting option for the paper.
  • Always remember about the correct outline. We have mentioned the issue of essay format for thematic paper writing. But it is always a good idea to remind the students about core tips. First of all, you should present the topic to the readers and offer significant data about it. This way, the reader will get into the main events easily. The next task is to reveal the major ideas in the main part of the writing. Check the consistency and follow the right order. And finish it all with a relevant conclusion that features each element of the paper. 
  • How to write a thesis statement? This is a common question from students who don’t get too much into writing. Or who aren’t good at all these essay writing practices. Do you want to write an impressive thesis statement? With good professional experience, you may try to do it at the beginning of the process. But beginners usually leave a thesis statement for the end. Since a thesis is a so-called summary of the whole paper, you may want to write a paper to manage the introductory statement. 
  • Look for examples correctly. In any writing, the choice of examples plays a huge role. It is vital to present the facts coherently for the readers. You should resort to extensive research and find relevant data sources. You can go to the library or use online servers for data generation. Make sure you resort to trustworthy services so that the readers consume only proven quality content. 
  • Quite an intricate part of a thematic essay task is writing the text for Global. To meet the requirements of the task, there must be in-depth research to help you cover the issues correctly. Discussing global issues in the global history of the world should go with relevant research and a good understanding of the topic. 
  • Check the paper when the main ideas are revealed in the text. You should check the final text variant with various online apps. Don’t forget to read the paper on your own and look for mistakes. But there’s one thing that students forget about. You need to look if the text corresponds to the initial requirements of the paper. Go back to the requirements and see if you managed the work correctly. 

Following these simple rules, you are sure to get them easily. There’s no need to worry about the process. With proper preparation and an organized writing process, you will surely cover the topic and express your ideas properly. 

Final Words

You have covered the concept of correct thematic essay writing. Now you know what is special about the task and why it is necessary to pay attention to the details. If you have difficulties with the task, you should get into the basis of the task and learn what it is about. Then you can move to the structure and figure out the peculiarities of the correct formatting practice. Thematic Essay Practice At Ease: A Simple Guide To Cope With The Task Correctly 

With a good idea of the major parts of the paper, you are free to learn the tips and start working on the text. We hope this guide will be of great use to you. Read the article, get the information, and practice without any fear of writing. 


Clear Benefits Of Homework For Students: Get Your Task Done At Home

Homework is a massive part of a student’s life. This is a routine that is present in the schedule of every college or university. There are disputes about the need for homework tasks on a daily basis. This guide will focus on the importance of home tasks and their implementation in the studying program. Let’s see why having a lot of home tasks can make you a better and more successful student. Or it may not? 

Homework Tasks: Why Should Students Spend Time on the Assignments

Students have different opinions about the importance of homework in the studying environment. Some say that managing extra tasks after classes is a waste of time. However, the general thought is that home tasks can contribute a lot to the general curiosity and bring fruits for students. Let’s see what advantages learners may get from tasks at home. 

Better Time Management Skills

No one says that working on home tasks is easy. Sometimes, the number of assignments is overwhelming. And you don’t know what to start with and what plan to use. It may discourage learners if they fail to manage their time successfully. When the amount of work tends to increase within particular studying times, such as the end of the term or examination period, it’s time to act. 

There’s no time for complaining. You have the choice. You can miss the deadlines and overlook the tasks, but you risk getting low points or even get expelled. If you don’t want such problematic issues, you’d better learn how to plan your time and keep up with the tasks. So many students manage their hard-working assignments. And you can do it too. 

You Can Get Better at Prioritizing

When you have tons of tasks to do, you should set the priority. Which assignment is more necessary to submit tomorrow? What tasks can be left for the next week? You can alternate the assignments and prioritize them. It will help you follow the same approach in real life and set aside things of secondary importance.

Problem Solving Techniques Are Improved

Managing the home tasks isn’t always about time issues. You may have enough time to work on the paper. But different issues may hamper you from successful assignment management. Do you have a conflict with your monitor? Are there any misunderstandings with the partner of the project? To manage the task successfully and get high points, you will be forced to learn the art of communication. The more you speak with others, the better you are at group projects. 

Benefits for Teachers and Parents

There are lots of benefits for students. But what about other subjects of the studying process? In terms of parents, the use of home tasks helps them track the performance of their kids. Without a proper homework activity, students may have skipped classes and do nothing in their free time. Thus, homework is great for discipline. 

Moreover, this is a rewarding tool for the teachers. To be true, the lecture time may not be enough to understand the topic. For this purpose, teachers and professors assign learners with extra tasks to help them get the idea of the material better. Homework activities are great to practice more and work on the details of the topic. 

Individual and Group Work

Being a student means being able to adjust to the situation. Flexibility is a key prerequisite of success. Thus, when you get different types of homework, you can learn how to play both individually and as a part of a team. The more tasks you get, the better you can communicate with the partners and come to a mutual decision. The same is with individual tasks. You can’t rely on others and have to perform tasks on your own. It is also a part of discipline practice. 

How to Manage Homework Successfully

You have already got the idea of why homework should be a part of the studying process. Here are some tips on how you can deal with the tasks better:

  • Always plan. You should get a planner and write down every task. It could be either a regular or online planner. 
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you are concerned about the task, you should contact your group mates or a professor and pose relevant questions. 
  • Stick to the requirements. It will ensure high points and make it easier to work on the task. 

Working on the home tasks may be complicated. But a well-developed plan, the right mood, and inspiration can make it easier and more satisfying. 

Final Thoughts  

Students often wonder why managing home tasks is necessary for their education. They consider the practice in classes enough to cover the issues and get the topic correctly. But in many cases, it doesn’t work this way. And home assignments are meant to enhance your understanding of the issues and make it easier to operate the facts in the next class. Working on the home assignments is beneficial for every student. And you don’t need to overlook the tasks since they can help you perform better in class. 


Essay Introduction Writing: Top Working Tips To Deal With The Task

Introduction writing is about communication with the reader. In the introductory part, the writer is supposed to reveal the ideas of the text and introduce the main features for the readers. So, it is necessary to hit a good start. 

What is the most essential part of essay introduction writing? Some students may say that developing a plot and thinking about the correct idea is necessary. Others may add that working on the structure and preparing the outline is paramount for the essay. But first and foremost, essay writing is all about the introduction. Introduction influences the whole reading experience and raises interest in the readers. Why is it necessary to work on the good start of the paper?

  • The introduction is the first thing that readers may learn from the paper. 
  • It is an opening of the work. It must startle and amaze at the same time. 
  • It can either divert or convert the readers. 

The introduction serves an important aim. The better you work on it, the more fruitful the results will be. For this reason, you should learn how to properly cope with the beginning of the essay. This guide will accentuate the purpose of the intro part, its main objective, and a well-structured outline. Let’s start and see what useful tips you can get from us!

Introduction Writing: An Easy Guide Into the Topic

What is a good introduction? It is an interesting start that will hit the target audience and make readers follow the train of thought until the end of the paper. You all know what the introduction is. It is the first paragraph of the essay. It may also consist of 2 or more paragraphs depending on the word count and the type of the paper. 

What are the main elements of the introductory section? There are key building blocks that will make your into complete:

  • First of all, a writer has to introduce a topic. This is a paramount step. Make sure you work on the topic and formulate the words correctly. Your statement has to be clear and comprehensible for the readers. When the topic is finally created and introduced, you should go to the next part. 
  • Here we deal with the hook. It is an interesting technique that proved to be effective in essay writing practice. What is a hook? It is a sentence addressed to the readers. The main objective of the hook is to catch attention. You can use various hook variations. A question or a provocative statement would be a great idea. You can also try using a joke or a funny statement if the topic relates to such a technique. The choice is great. 
  • The following step is to refer to some background data. What should your reader know about the topic? Not all the people reading a paper may be familiar with the key theme. And here, you can add some extra data. It could be some facts about the author or style of writing. Do you need to add some dates, people, or events? Make sure to insert it in this part of the essay.
  • The final step is thesis statement writing. This is a responsible task. If you want to make it less complicated, leave it for the end. A thesis statement is the overall idea of the paper. If you fail to make up the statement at the beginning of the paper, you can describe it as the last point of the writing. 

These are 4 basic elements present in a well-developed introduction. If you want to make your writing complete, you need to include all these sections in the intro. 

Helpful Tips to Make Your Intro Writing Less Complicated

It is a great tool to use the outline. But there’s also another important thing about paper writing. The use of helpful tips can make all the difference when you start to panic and can’t make your thoughts together. 

  • The most important task for the reader is to catch attention. You should introduce a tricky topic or discuss impressive facts at the beginning of the paper to make it sound interesting. 
  • Use the relevant tone. Nevertheless, you should entertain and interest the reader; the tone of the writing should remain formal. If you write an academic assignment, there should be no slang or inappropriate words. To grab the attention of the readers, you can show startling statistics or raise controversial issues. 
  • Make it simple and clear. No one will enjoy reading long sentences and intricate thoughts. The use of short sentences and clear structures will help you render the ideas coherently. 

The use of these simple tips can save your paper. You may operate the topic perfectly. But formatting the text is what matters, too. For this reason, remember these pieces of advice to make the reading enjoyable and beneficial. 


There’s nothing complicated about the introduction when you have a top-notch guide with you. This easy yet working guide should help you get into the task easier and manage the writing. Use the tips and perform your ideas to the reader from the first lines of the text.