Importance of Selecting Fit Exploratory Essay Topics


Exploratory essays are another type of essay that students have to write during the education process in their educational institutions. Many learners said that exploratory essays are the trickiest. We can’t refer them to an argumentative essay. In order to succeed in writing this type of essay, a student has to be familiarized with its structure and form. Who does not want to write an explanatory essay effectively and get a good mark?

Another important step in writing exploratory essays is to select a suitable topic. This is where many students got stuck and panicked. Exploratory essays can be written on a wide range of subjects, and it is complicated to select one definitive topic.

We are ready to help by providing tips on how to select an exploratory essay topic. Moreover, we included a list of exploratory essay topics so that you have something to get started.

Ways of Picking Suitable Topic for Exploratory Essay

When it is time to select a topic for your exploratory essay, you may become confused. As we have said, an exploratory essay covers a broad range of subjects. You may simply waste time trying to pick a single definitive theme. You can ask for help from your educator. But there are no guarantees that you will get a topic you are interested in and sort out the proposed theme. Therefore, we advise viewing our tips for selecting an exploratory essay topic below.

Take into Account your Subject

Before you start selecting your topic, you should take into account the instructions of your assignment. If the educator asks to write about world politics, it is understandable that you should not write about the advantages of daily exercise.

Sometimes, educators can give freedom of choice so that you can write on any subject, for example, sports, health, family, etc. Also, they can give you a broad concrete category so that you will have to come up with a specific theme. The main rule is to familiarize yourself with your assignment attentively.

Pick a Broad Category

This tip can be used if the broad category was not assigned by your educator. Begin with a broader subject. It is better to pick a common thing that can have much information. You can take common issues that are discussed actively nowadays. Among good exploratory essay topics can be highlighted: technology, business, sports, culture, religion, family life, health or wellbeing, entertainment, politics, music or arts, etc. From these wide subjects, you can come up with potential titles. Pick one topic you are interested in the most.

Consider Common Subjects in Broad Category

After you pick a suitable broad category, the next step is to consider common subjects within it. What do people say about this concrete theme? Let’s consider an example where your selected broad category is technology. The examples of its subcategories can be computers, virtual reality, the Internet, artificial intelligence, smartphones, social media, augmented reality, etc.

Here we go, you have potential ideas for your exploratory essay. Now you have a base to get started with your work. Here the essay subject can be fit: “What restrictions should children be provided when surfing the Internet”.

Narrowing Down Subcategories

After you prepare a list of desired subcategories, narrow these subcategories down. Choose the most suitable subcategories for you. Let’s come back to broad category technology. If you understand how the Internet works but do not have enough knowledge about virtual reality, it is better to select what you are most comfortable with. Take into account your knowledge and skills. View news articles and mass media in order to understand what things are popular and are discussed around the world. Also, you can open social media and find hot topics there.

Pick an Interesting Title

The last step is to choose a suitable title. Take some time to think about your category. Keep in memory that it is better to select a broad category so that it contains much information. If you decide to write about little-known things, you can fail to achieve the needed amount of words for your exploratory essay because of a lack of information. Therefore, think and select attentively.

List of Interesting Exploratory Essay Topics

Now you understand how to select a suitable topic for your exploratory essay. But this is only in the situation if you have freedom of choice. If a topic was assigned by your educator, you have no other choice than to accept it.

If you still can’t come up with a suitable topic for an exploratory essay, we can help you by providing a list of interesting themes, especially for you. View our ideas and get started to write an excellent exploratory essay.

Exploratory Paper Topics in Family Life

  1.   Adoption is a great way to create a family.
  2.   Divorce is a way of destroying families and possesses a negative impact on kids.
  3.   Reasons for single parents need to get more support.
  4.   How do kids from two-parent families relate to kids from one-parent families?
  5.   Reasons for two working parents to create more strain in the family.
  6.   Ways of creating relationships between older or younger siblings.
  7.   Enumerate the most important duties of parents.
  8.   What age is the best for creating a family?
  9.   At what age should children move out of the house of their parents?
  10.   Importance of maintenance of relationships with distant family members.

Ideas for Exploratory Essay Topics in Technology

  1.   Evidence social media makes a drastic invasion of your privacy.
  2.   Smartphones are the reason why people forget how to communicate via speech.
  3.   Game consoles are restricting the development of our kids: truth or myth.
  4.   Television causes a reduction of mental capacity: truth or myth.
  5.   Self-driving cars are the reason why people can lose their driving abilities.
  6.   Advancements in the field of technology cause laziness: truth or myth.
  7.   Impact of virtual reality on humanity’s future.
  8.   Can artificial intelligence have ethical values?
  9.   The development of technologies is a reason for employment opportunities reduction.
  10.   Is it possible for computers and artificial intelligence to teach better than human beings?

Exploratory Essay Topics in Health/Wellbeing

  1.   Medical Marijuana is an effective form of treatment: truth or myth.
  2.   How do people represent ideal body image?
  3.   Is it true that famous people give a fake image of the human body to youngsters?
  4.   What advantages are possible to get from daily exercise?
  5.   Fitness and daily exercise can cause addiction: truth or myth.
  6.   What advantages are it possible to get for physical and mental well-being from dieting?
  7.   Coping with your mental barriers is a part of dieting.
  8.   Smoking cigarettes: advantages and disadvantages.
  9.   Changing personal health with age.
  10.   Ways of influence of retirement on people’s physical and mental health.

Exploratory Paper Themes in Sports

  1.   Sports are a significant facet of the physical and mental well-being of children.
  2.   The sports role throughout history.
  3.   Explanation of the fact that definite kinds of sport are more popular in concrete regions and countries.
  4.   Role of psychological factors in professional sports.
  5.   What can lead to victory in sport: possessing of natural talent or numerous training?
  6.   Impact of sports on the improvement of our physical fitness and well-being.
  7.   How can sporting greatness be defined?
  8.   Main distinctions between individual sports and team sports.
  9.   Ways for sporting stars to become celebrities.
  10.   Ways for transferring from amateur sports to professional.

Business Ideas for your Exploratory Essay

  1.   Start to explore the Blockchain because cryptocurrencies are our future.
  2.   Will there be an end to Bitcoin?
  3.   Development history of the online gambling industry.
  4.   Ways for a modern entrepreneur to prosper in business.
  5.   Accounting is an important facet of business management.
  6.   Will it be right to exempt large corporations from business tax?
  7.   Development history of Facebook.
  8.   Outcomes of transferring from traditional to the e-commerce business.
  9.   Explanation of the fact that eBay diversified online retail.
  10.   Investing in shares, Cryptocurrencies, Forex, stocks – where will you get the biggest benefits.

Music and Arts Exploratory Essays Topics

  1.   The positive impact of classical music on your brain.
  2.   Listening to music can change your mood: truth or myth.
  3.   Your music taste can reflect on your personality: truth or myth.
  4.   Our emotions are linked with music: truth or myth.
  5.   Can music play the role of a universal language?
  6.   What benefits can children get from playing a musical instrument?
  7.   Can music be a form of therapy?
  8.   Can music be utilized as a form of socialization?
  9.   Development history of music since the 1950s.
  10.   Influence of music on the unborn child while still in the womb.

Ideas for Exploratory Essays in Schooling and Education

  1.   Is there a need for students to pay in order to get a higher education?
  2.   Governments need to attempt to make school education more affordable.
  3.   Is there a need for schools to be changed into all digital workplaces?
  4.   Ways of preparing for any examination effectively.
  5.   Coffee has an influence on your concentration and studies: truth or myth.
  6.   Ways of making schools more appealing.
  7.   Is there a need to limit the usage of technology in schools?
  8.   Women attend college more than men: what does it indicate?
  9.   Is there a need for students to get more practical skills?
  10.   Is there a need for the existence of same-sex schools?

Exploratory Essay Topics Just for Entertainment

  1.   According to your opinion, what is the ideal length of a film?
  2.   Influence of showing violence in film or on TV.
  3.   Are there consequences of showing violence in film or on TV for children?
  4.   Reflection of modern society via films.
  5.   Netflix has changed our representation of watching TV. Influence of watching online films on the topicality of cinemas.
  6.   Does the Internet displace cinemas?
  7.   Can violent movies cause mental health hazards?
  8.   What is more entertaining nowadays: films or theatres?
  9.   Do actors get too much money?
  10.   Is the Oscars award ceremony a scam?

Do You Have a Topic but No Time?

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