Problems-Solutions Paper Examples: Where to Find Them?


A problem-solution paper is another kind of essay that students have to write during the educational period. During writing this type of essay, students can use analytical and research skills. A problem-solution essay is intended to highlight an issue, its main reasons, and available solutions.

If you want to write such an essay successfully, you should consider features that define the theme of your problem-solution paper. These features include the thesis statement, concrete problems, highlighting possible resolutions, analysis, and pieces of evidence.

Nevertheless, every writing process begins from choosing the topic. A problem-solution paper is no exception. If you want to get a good grade, you should select the suitable topic that interests you the most. You should possess enough knowledge to cover your topic completely.

Among the widespread ways to get a topic for a problem-solution paper is to ask your educator to give it to you. Still, this way is risky. You can get a topic where you have not sufficient knowledge. Moreover, there can be less information about this topic.

Alternatively, you can find a suitable topic via the Internet. There are many pretty good problems and solutions themes examples. But here, you can fail again because such topics were analyzed several times before. It means your topic is not unique.

The best way is to view our list of proposed problems and solutions essay topics. They are unique, interesting and can help you get started.

Writing Strategies of Problems and Solutions Essay

There are many various strategies that can make the writing process of all types of essays easier. Problem-solution papers are not standard essays. Remember, the most useful strategy in the writing process of problem-solution papers is persuasion. You need to persuade the target audience that a problem exists and it requires a solution. We have already mentioned the next features: thesis statement, concrete problems, highlighting of several possible solutions, analysis, and pieces of evidence. Keep in mind that these features determine a skeleton of a problem-solution paper theme. Moreover, unlike standard papers, a problem-solution paper theme is laid out in the introductory part.

Problem-Solution Papers: Main Types

Every problem-solution paper has to recognize a matter, its reasons, and the possible solutions. These three features enable us to highlight three types of problem-solution papers. The first kind implies a description of the theme of a problem-solution paper. You do not have to analyze a problem, its reasons and propose a solution. The second kind involves a description of the issue`s reason and its solution. The second type is not concentrated on the problem itself but on its reasons. The third kind involves just a solution. After describing an issue in the introductory section, the body text should be concentrated on analyzing the solution to this issue.

Write an Outline for Problem-Solution Paper

If you want to achieve success in delivering a perfect problem-solution paper, we advise creating an outline. Like with all kinds of essays, a problem-solution paper should include five parts that can help writers to cover every feature highlighted above. These sections are the introductory part, problem, solution, and summing-up parts. Let’s consider every section separately.

  • The introductory part. A problem-solution paper intends to provide the target audience an idea about your mission. Readers can not cover all the theme`s features in the title of your problem-solution paper. In the introductory part, you should provide important facets, finishing with the thesis statement. The goal of thesis statements is to identify problems, their reasons, and possible solutions.
  • Problem part. This section refers to the main text of your essay. Here you should analyze the problem and its reasons. It is better to utilize an analytical tone. In this part, writers can offer background information.
  • Solution section. The solution part is an element of the main text of your problem and solution essay. Here you should indicate your problem and provide ideas for an actual solution. In this part, you should highlight what you believe is the resolution to the matter. If there are several questions in your problem, you should write different paragraphs; each of them should include an appropriate solution.
  • Summing-up paragraph. This part enables you to conclude their writing your problem and solution essay. In this part, you should repeat your thesis statement. This action supposes highlighting the main features of your problem and solution essay topic. Besides repeating your thesis statement, you should include your personal concluding thoughts about the discussed problem, its reasons, and offered solutions.

Problem and Solution Examples on Social Media

  • What are the dangers of dependence on social media?

Consider a dependence on social media as a serious problem and discuss its negative impacts. Analyze how such addiction influences separate people, families as well as communities.

  •   Problems of developing social networks.

Analyze problems that complicate the development of social networks as a problem and offer solutions.

  •   The adverse impact of social media on human socialization.

You can analyze an issue of the negative impact on socialization and propose a solution too.

  •   Facebook and Twitter have changed the definition of communication.

Analyze what impact social media platforms have on face-to-face communication.

  •   Social media in education.

Investigate the matter of how social media platforms can increase student-teacher interactions.

  •   Impact of social media on a person’s individuality.

Investigate the way social media influences interpersonal relationships.

  •   Is there a necessity for parental control in teenagers’ utilization of social media?

Analyze the way addiction to social media influences academic performance.

  •   What is the future of social media networks?

Analyze some obstacles that can undermine the development of social media platforms.

  •   Social media: impact on the home atmosphere.

Analyze the way social media causes conflict between teenagers and their parents and brothers/sisters.

Problem-Solution Themes on Environmental Pollution

  •   Pollution of air and society health.

Analyze the way air pollution causes complications with health. 

  •   What can lead to water pollution?

Consider water pollution as a matter and analyze its main reasons.

  •   What can direct the worsening of the global warming situation?

Consider global warming as a matter and analyze its main reasons.

  •   Humans as a reason for environmental pollution.

Analyze how deforestation influences the natural environment.

  •   Industries as a reason for air, land, and water pollution.

Analyze how manufacturing plants influence the natural environment.

  •   Reasons for environmental protection and conservation.

Explain how deforestation and oil exploration influence the natural environment.

  •   Define the economic and social advantages of conserving the environment.
  •   The health expenses of environmental pollution.
  •   Youngsters and the environment.

Discuss how the actions of youngsters endanger the natural ecosystem.

  •   What are the dangers of particulate matter?

Problem-Solution Themes on Endangered Species

  1.   Define the Importance of Protecting Endangered Species.
  2.   Natural Ecosystem: Meaning for Conserving Endangered Species.
  3.   The Conserving Endangered Species: what role does the government should play?
  4.   The Conserving Endangered Species: what role do game reserves and national game parks play?
  5.   Endangered Species and Changes in Climate.
  6.   People Encroachment as a Danger to Endangered Species.
  7.   The Significance of Increasing Awareness About Endangered Species.
  8.   The Conservation of Endangered Species: what role does the community play?
  9.   What is the reason for endangered species: is it policy failure or a natural phenomenon?

Problem-Solution Paper Themes on Obesity

  1.   Consequences of obesity on people’s health.
  2.   Reasons for kids’ obesity.
  3.   The notion of obesity and food culture.
  4.   Is there a link between obesity and the craze of fast food?
  5.   The influence of obesity on people’s self-esteem.
  6.   A sedentary lifestyle is the leading cause of obesity.
  7.   The influence of the social environment on obesity level.
  8.   Obesity in the USA: is the situation getting better or worse?
  9.   Obesity and parenting.
  10.   Impact of obesity in adolescence.

Problem-Solution Paper Themes on Mental Health

  1.   Impact of anxiety and depression in American youngsters.
  2.   Define what factors can cause mental disorders?
  3.   The strength and weaknesses of the mental health care system in the USA.
  4.   Discuss mental health in US veterans.
  5.   Fight against severe depression: what role does your family play?
  6.   The role of race factors on mental health.
  7.   Define the development of mental health issues.
  8.   Can effective interventions beat mental health disorders?
  9.   The important role of psychiatric institutions.
  10.   Discuss community mental health care for social workers.

Problem-Solution Themes on Criminal Justice Systems

  1.   Criminal Justice System: enumerate main strengths and weaknesses.
  2.   The Criminal Justice System of the USA is Fair: prove or refute.
  3.   Existence of Racial Disparity in the Prison System of the USA.
  4.   Existence of Prison Overpopulation Problem in the USA.
  5.   What role does the criminal justice system play in a fight with runaway crime?
  6.   Is the Criminal Justice System a Burden to the Government?
  7.   Does the criminal justice system play a more important role in order to rehabilitate or punish?
  8.   Incarceration is the most suitable resolution to juvenile delinquency.
  9.   Reasons and solutions for recidivism.

Problem-Solution Paper Themes on Higher Education

  1.   Higher education is the path to social and economic mobility.
  2.   University education: advantages and disadvantages.
  3.   The lack of higher education can reduce a person’s economic prospects.
  4.   The place of higher education in times of multiculturalism.
  5.   Virtual learning: what are the benefits of higher education?
  6.   Can loan of the learners lead to entering high colleges?
  7.   What role do student loans play?
  8.   What role do college fraternities play for international college students?
  9.   The importance of a college degree.

Problem and Solution Essay Topics on Homelessness

  1.   Homelessness is a problem in major world cities.
  2.   Homelessness is a problem of the government.
  3.   Homelessness is an issue in the community.
  4.   Poor government policies are a reason for homelessness.
  5.   Homelessness is evidence of economic disparity.
  6.   Homelessness and mental health: what is the link between them?
  7.   What are the factors causing the rising number of homeless people in the USA?
  8.   Homelessness problem: solution of this matter.
  9.   Homelessness is the result of inadequate houses or policy failure?
  10.   Affordable housing: is it a resolution to the homelessness issue?

Problem and Solution Essay Topics on Globalization

  1.   Globalization is responsible for increased cases of corporate fraud.
  2.   How does globalization influence the growth of multinational corporations?
  3.   Influence of globalization on international trade.
  4.   Globalization and child labor: is there a link between them?
  5.   Globalization: main advantages and disadvantages.
  6.   Is there a need for governments to be concerned about borderless trade?
  7.   Benefits of internationalizing a business enterprise.
  8.   Globalization’s influence on foreign policy.
  9.   Globalization is responsible for consumerism culture in the modern world.
  10.   Globalization: what is the economic benefit for developing countries?

Problem-Solution Themes on Substance Use and Abuse

  •   What are the Benefits of Group Therapy for Drug Addicts?

Analyze drug addiction as an issue and explain the necessity of group therapy.

  •   What can lead to drug addiction?

Discuss unemployment as the main reason for drug utilization and abuse in families with low income.

  •   Can the social environment be a reason for the drug problem?

Discuss the way urbanization has directed a drug matter.

  •   Government policies: the role they play in the fight against drug abuse.

Discuss how government policies can help to beat the problem of drug abuse.

  •   Group Therapy is an Intervention in Substance Use and Abuse.

Discuss hard drugs problem and how group therapy can assist addicts in getting rid of addiction.

  •   Substance Utilization and Abuse: Impacts on Health.

Analyze how drug addiction can undermine a person’s health.

  •   Legalized Marijuana: pros and cons.

Analyze how marijuana can affect a person’s health in order to dispute against marijuana legalization. Utilize health issues as an issue connected with marijuana.

  •   Arguments for Medical Marijuana.

Discuss pain as a reason to legalize marijuana for medical purposes. Here, pain that occurs from health complications will be the problem that needs a solution.

  •   Arguments for Recreational Marijuana.

Analyze that despite marijuana consumption being illegal, evidence proves that people are purchasing marijuana in the black market. Here, illegal trade will be a problem. The solution is making marijuana legal for recreational purposes.

  •   Reasons for Disorders connected with Substance Use.

Here it is possible to link the tendency of disorders connected with substance use to dysfunctional families. In this situation, the tendency of substance use will be the problem. The breakup of the family unit will be one of the central causes.

Time for a Conclusion

Despite the fact that the writing of a problem-solution paper can appear interesting for you first, it requires time and effort twice more than a standard paper. Though the structure is the same as in other kinds of essays (introduction, main paragraphs, and summing-up), some students failed to write their problem-solution papers from the first attempt.

You should be responsible during writing your essay. First, you should come up with a topic that will surely attract the attention of an audience. You should show that a serious problem exists and you can provide effective solutions.  After finishing the writing, we advise re-reading your problem and solution essay twice in order to sound confident while presenting your essay to your educator and groupmates. Do not forget to follow the structure, check your essay on grammar and spelling mistakes, assure that solutions to the problem are effective. Show that the problem worries you and what influence it possesses on the modern world. Explain why this problem should be solved immediately.

Construct your thesis statement correctly to define an issue, its reasons, and solutions. We hope this article was useful and helpful for you. Now you know a little more about how to write an effective problem and solution essay. Moreover, do not forget to use a list of interesting problem and solution essay topics.

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