Get A Perfect Score On The SAT Essay: Guide and Tips

Get A Perfect Score On The SAT Essay: Guide and Tips

Passing the SAT test can be quite difficult for students. Still, this is one of the most important assignments. Therefore, you should do your best to succeed. There are numerous guides and tips you can use to prepare an excellent SAT essay. Be ready to learn some useful guidelines. This type of essay is used to evaluate students’ writing talents and the ability to think critically. The SAT essay contains between 650 and 750 words. It is based on the analysis of the main arguments.

SAT essay is a type of research work. Every student should analyze arguments, find the supporting relevant evidence, and provide this information to readers. Nowadays, this type of essay is requested in highly selective institutions. Mostly, the SAT score is more required these days. Nevertheless, it is a big bonus when you know how to perform an excellent essay. The essay is mostly optional. Still, in many authoritative institutions, it gives applicants an increased possibility to get their desired place at college or university.

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About The SAT Essay

SAT essay is a special type of admission essay. Students write the test when they deal with the SAT test. Nowadays, the essay is optional in many educational institutions. Still, you need to consider this type of assignment very seriously since it can greatly influence your results. With this task, you get a great opportunity to demonstrate your reading, writing, and analytical skills.

These skills often determine your success in college. Your career can be greatly built on the mentioned abilities. You can prepare for college once learning how to write an essay. There are a few tips and guides for writers to prepare an excellent essay. They can help you with writing an exceptional paper. Moreover, it can be much easier to come up with interesting ideas, arguments, and supporting evidence.

Stay Objective

Since this is an analytical assignment, always remain objective. Critical thinking is requested. You can demonstrate your writing talents in numerous written papers. Here, you need to show how accurately you can analyze the arguments and come up with solid evidence.

Keep it Organized

The length of an essay is normally between 650 and 750 words. There is no need to make it bigger. You should focus on your handwriting. Make your script tidy and write legibly. Be clear and concise in your writing and stay aware of a need to assure the proper structure of an essay.

Indented Paragraphs

You need to prepare an essay with a common structure. Thus, be ready to prepare an introduction, main body paragraphs, and a conclusion. A proper structure matters. In the introduction, paraphrase the main thesis statement and make it really appealing. Provide strong arguments and supporting evidence in the body part. A conclusion must provide a short summary and a final message.


When you deal with examples in your SAT essay, be precise. Use relevant quotes to support your arguments. Select short quotations to use in your text.

Forget About the Precise Meaning

You can use a metaphor for explaining your arguments. There are no forbidden writing techniques. You can also appeal to emotions in your text if it can help you to complete an excellent paper.

Should I take the SAT with Essay?

Nowadays, SAT essay is required in highly selective institutions. This type of essay is used to evaluate students’ writing talents and the ability to think critically. Nevertheless, you need to consider this assignment very seriously since it can greatly influence your results. With this task, you get a great opportunity to demonstrate your reading, writing, and analytical abilities. Also, it can be a part of your college preparation.

Structure of the SAT Essay to Get a Good Score

SAT essay has a standard structure. It requires an attention-grabbing introduction, informative main body paragraphs, and a summarizing conclusion.

  • Introduction: it must be a highly appealing opening part. Make sure to make it brief and concise.
  • The thesis statement: remains one of the most important parts of an essay and a central argument of an entire work. You need to pay enough attention and time once coming up with the main thesis statement.
  • Body paragraphs: the three supporting paragraphs are perfect to get an excellent SAT score. You can use one or two, but it won’t be beneficial. Your main paragraphs require topics sentence, supporting evidence, and concluding sentences with proper transition passages.
  • Conclusion: make it short and concise. There is no need to bring new arguments and evidence. Summarize your arguments and findings in conclusions in order to provide a final message.

How to Allocate Your Time

You have 50 minutes to prepare your essay. Thus, you need to read a passage, prompts, analyze the main argument, and provide a perfect essay. First, read a passage and provide supporting evidence. Think about important ideas you can reveal in your paper. You need to provide relevant and up-to-date evidence to support your main arguments. It can be very beneficial for checking numerous additional resources and SAT essay tips online. Be very attentive to details and use your critical thinking.

How Is The SAT Essay Scored?

SAT essay remains a part of the SAT test. Thus, it is usually scored within an entire test. You can get from 1 to 4 for your essay paper while for an entire test every student can get from 2 to 8. 8 is the perfect SAT score. When you get an SAT essay score, you get a separate evaluation of three main categories. They include reading, analysis, and writing. Reading allows checking your abilities to interrelate. An ability to conduct an analysis shows your abilities to think critically. Writing talents are also required by this particular assignment since you must assure a flawless and original final paper.

The Difference Between A 6 And an 8

When you get a final SAT score of 6, it means the specialists who were checking your essay gave you 3 of 4 for every category. This is an average essay score. When you have 8 SAT score, it means you have provided an excellent essay. Such high scores reveal really talented applicants. Once writing the SAT essay with an 8, you significantly increase your chances to get into a wanted educational institution.

What Makes This SAT Essay an 8 Rather Than A 6?

In order to get high scores for your essay, you need to be a very talented writer with decent analytical talents. Still, even if you lack any of the mentioned talents, a constant practice can help greatly. You can get a perfect SAT essay score if you try hard. Pay attention to every aspect of your essay. Thus, be ready to demonstrate decent writing, reading, and analytical skills. Follow the next SAT essay tips to prepare an excellent final paper.

Precise Language

You need to assure a flawless paper. Make your language precise. You need to provide arguments and supporting evidence using the best writing techniques you know. Be tidy and provide a decent writing style.

Effective Analysis and Organization

You need to provide solid arguments and their profound analysis in the supporting paragraphs. Conduct a deep analysis to come up with proper findings. Pay your attention to the structure of your paper. Write every new argument in a separate paragraph. You need to provide your arguments, supporting evidence, and additional explanations in body paragraphs.

Consistency Throughout

Pay attention to the main thesis statement. You need to focus on this thesis through an entire essay. Be ready to pay attention to the central argument of your paper and reveal it profoundly. Avoid using too much superfluous information.


Use a rich language to support your arguments. You can reveal different ideas. Make sure to support them with up-to-date and relevant evidence. You can use various quotes to support your point of view. Do not hesitate to write down your unparalleled ideas even if they look too controversial.

Detailed Support and Length

Follow the writing requirements when completing the SAT essay. Check the length of your paper. There is no need to make it excessively long or short, better follow a standard length. Be very attentive to details and make sure to check an essay a few times before submitting it.

How to Train to Improve Your SAT Essay Score

SAT essay is an important task since it can seriously influence your application results. Once performing this task, you need to demonstrate your reading, writing, and analytical abilities. These three categories are basic. Consequently, when you want to gain the highest SAT essay score, you should pay your attention to these categories. A good essay reveals your decent writing and analytical skills. Your reading skills show how attentive you can be with your assignments. When you need to improve your score, be ready to practice these skills. Practice matters when you need to provide a perfect essay. It allows for improving your talents and coming up with excellent ideas for your essay. Use your critical thinking to assure the original content. Always support your arguments and focus on the central statement thought an entire paper.