How to Write a Critical Thinking Essay: Guide for 2019

Critical Thinking Essay

Critical thinking is a special system of judgments that are aimed at analyzing certain information and coming up with specific conclusions and interpretations. In fact, think critically is a great ability of a person to make proper conclusions once analyzing information and data. The person who is well aware of analyzing and interpretation methods, knows the importance of critical thinking. Moreover, modern students are tested to be able to think critically when they perform their graduation papers.

With such an aim, millions of students tend to develop critical thinking in order to submit excellent final papers. Critical thinking essay is one of the top academic assignments, which is aimed at revealing students’ ability to think critically. This is one of the most complex academic papers. Since, critical thinking is defining students’ obtained skills, knowledge, and an ability to think properly, this essay paper must always be prepared with increased attention.

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What Is Critical Thinking Essay?

Critical thinking is a special college discipline, which is based on certain rules of logic and cognitive activity. Once dealing with critical thinking and paper writing, it is important to find out the essence of a critical thinking essay from the very beginning. Every essay writing process requires to follow all the existed requirements and writing instructions. Moreover, a good critical essay forces a writer to think critically. Students can think in a few main ways in fact. They can simply absorb information, or they can analyze it. Often, students need to improve their critical thinking skills in order to submit an excellent essay paper.

It is good for a writer to know his strengths and weaknesses in order to improve his own thinking abilities significantly. The critical thinking essay requires impressive analytical and writing skills. Writing an essay is quite a complex task, which requires to read information, analyze it properly, check for weaknesses, distinguish main arguments, and provide conclusions. Often, writers are forced to express their own point of view in order to come up with the final conclusions.

Strong arguments’ delivery is the main idea of critical and creative writing. Tutors check the quality of the paper as much attentively as they check the arguments revealed in the essay. You must always pay attention to the arguments provided, and make proper problem-solving conclusions.

What Are the Steps to Write a Critical Essay?

When you need to write a critical thinking essay, make sure to follow the next steps:

  • Choose the proper topic to analyze. You need to select a great topic to reveal, which you can analyze easily, and offer strong arguments and supporting evidence.
  • Gather information and up-to-date data. It is important to gather and check the existed information in order to come up with strong arguments.
  • Provide a thesis statement. The thesis statement is the main idea of the entire essay paper thus it remains a central focus of the written piece.
  • Write the body paragraphs. When you have provided an introduction with the thesis outlined, make sure to reveal your arguments and evidence in the main body paragraphs.
  • Analyze information and provide evidence. You must check the gathered information, provide arguments, and supporting evidence.
  • Check different viewpoints. You need to reveal a few viewpoints and check them properly to provide conclusions.
  • Revise a written piece. It is important to check a piece of writing for a few times to see what arguments to outline and what supporting evidence to choose.
  • Provide your own viewpoint. It is the final part of the writing process, which is aimed at revealing personal thoughts and opinions supported by evidence.
  • Provide conclusions. Evaluate your findings and summarize them briefly in order to provide vital information that can help to solve the existed problem.

What Is a Critical Essay Format?

In order to submit an excellent critical thinking essay, it is important to follow the existed instructions and guidelines. Therefore, make your essay short and concise. Moreover, follow the proper critical thinking essay structure.

The structure of a critical thinking essay includes the following elements:

  • An introduction, which reveals and explains the main topic;
  • The main body parts with the main arguments and evidence revealed;
  • Conclusions with a brief summary of findings and recommendations.

Make sure to provide the methodology, reveal the main approaches used, and describe in detailed every research conducted. The critical thinking essay has a format similar to many essay papers, but it requires one important skill to be revealed. The essay needs proper information disclosure, which demonstrates the writer’s ability to think critically and come up with correct conclusions. The writer’s critical thinking abilities is the main requirement for an excellent essay paper submitted.

Introduction to Critical Thinking Essay

An introduction is the main part of a critical thinking essay, which reveals and explains the main topic of the paper. The introduction includes the main thesis and a brief explanation of the following analyses and research work. It is important to use all the creative and writing skills to come up with an eye-catching and concise introduction.

Critical Thinking Essay Questions

When dealing with critical thinking essay, it is important to come up with proper essay questions. Therefore, if you can select a topic to analyze, make sure to check the following questions in order to come up with the most suitable topic.

Questions about evaluation

  • How the analyzed factors influence the main topic?
  • How can a certain decision change the outcomes?
  • What are the unusual factors and their outcomes?
  • Questions about evidence
  • What can the exact example name?
  • Why can it be a true statement?
  • What proof do you have?
  • Questions about synthesis
  • Which option is better?
  • How can the main options be compared?
  • What can you recommend?
  • How to solve a problem?

These questions can help to conduct a prior critical thinking analysis aimed at coming up with a proper topic for an essay paper. Moreover, the questions mentioned can improve analytical skills and even teach critical thinking.

Critical Thinking Essay Topics

When you need to write a good critical thinking essay, check the following list of the best essay topics below:

  • The differences between the USA and China in the social sphere.

You can describe and compare the social sphere in the USA and China, and focus on the population welfare.

  • Personal achievement: how to become better?

You can reveal this topic once providing the explanation of personal achievement and the requirements for leaders in modern society.

  • How to help students develop critical thinking?

This topic requires an explanation of critical thinking and the ways to teach people to think critically.

  • How do successful people differ from other people?

You must reveal the main secrets of success, including productive work, talent, numerous efforts, and other people’s approaches that lead to success.

  • The main ways ethics influence critical thinking

This is a very interesting topic to reveal, which shows how ethics can influence the development of critical thinking and the ways to come up with a balance.

Example of Critical Essay

  • Topic: The Scientific Reasons for a Personal Happiness

Happiness is one of the most debated concepts. Humanity has always paid much time and efforts to come up with a single explanation of personal happiness. In the same time, there are two ways to distinguish happiness’ concept. First, people see happiness as the final point of their personal road. Other see happiness as the road itself. In order to come up with the reasons for happiness, it is important to outline what is happiness and how to reach it first.

Since happiness can be materialized in various benefits for people, the scientific reasons for such a phenomenon can be quite different. Thus, we will focus on the outcomes – the positive life attitude. It will help us to check and reveal the reasons, which can include main brain chemicals as just a minor part of a complex system of reasons…


Critical thinking essay is a complex academic assignment, which requires to provide strong author arguments and supporting evidence in order to prove a certain point of view. Since critical thinking is a complex of judgments, the essay writing course requires deep and profound research thought processes. Furthermore, critical thinking essay paper needs a proper structure and format and must be written by a person who can think critically, analyze the existed information, and provide problem-solving conclusions.