How to Write a Character Analysis Essay: 8 Helpful Tips & Tricks!

Character Analysis Essay

Sometimes at literary analysis courses, a student may be asked to write an entire character analysis type of essay. There, you would have to write how a character resolves the conflicts. You will need to do it as if you are such a character. It might be a rather complicated and tricky experience for many people, but here we are to help you when essay writing.

Learn how to write a character analysis from these 8 tips and step by step guide:

  1.  Fill in the character analysis form. (Write about the main idea, plot, main heroes, critique, conflict, compare and contrast).
  2.  Identify the hero. (Mention such basic info as full name, gender, age, physical appearance, social status, speech patterns).
  3.  Ask the hero some questions, which you would like to ask.
  4.  Utilize supportive materials and templates for composing a character analysis paper.
  5.  Concentrate on your goal, defining the main idea of the article.
  6.  Present credible pieces of evidence supporting your main points.
  7.  Generate a powerful conclusion.
  8.  Mind the structure of the essay (Include introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Proofread and edit the theme).

What Is a Character Analysis Paper?

Writing such an essay, you are to understand the character completely. Then you are to analyze the role in a literary piece. You will have to explain personage adequately and make a profile of them.

What Is the Goal

The primary purpose of character analysis is to have a look at the specific character and the world he or she is living in, and define who they are. You should identify the way the character has been shaped and how the world affected them.

Types of Character Analysis Essays

There are such types of characters as:

  •  Protagonist (main hero).
  •  Antagonist (the villain who is against the protagonist).
  •  Static unchanging.
  •  Dynamic nature (changing).
  •  Major (the main characters).
  •  Minor (the ones that help the protagonist by letting them reveal their book or personality).
  •  Foils (the ones who is contrasting with notable characters).

How Do You Start a Character Analysis Paper

Before composing a character analysis paper, select the character you are going to tell about. It would be better to choose the dynamic characters; in case you were not assigned to analyze an individual role. As long as there might be plenty of data about such an aspect, the reader will be captivated.

Read the Story

Reread the story, even if you have read it so that you would have to notice more details about the character. Underline every place they appear in. Consider the type of relationships of persona with others, how their actions affect the plot, and how the author describes the character accurately.

Take Notes

Highlight all the crucial elements of the story when you read the story. It will make the analysis of your character deeper. When you finish reading the story, review the notes you have taken and compose the main idea behind your style. It will be better to make a draft of your records. In case you were given a sample, you should follow the form of the template.

Make an Outline

  1.  Make a description of the character’s personality when making a character analysis essay outline. You will be introduced to the characters’ emotions, things they do, and words that are used by the actor. So it will be easy to identify the personality of the character.
  2.  Define the role which your character plays in a story. One might be either a significant character or minor, where their unique traits are revealed.
  3.  Jot down the development and growth of your personality. You should be able to explain the changes in their behavior.
  4.  Make sure your outline features this structure:
  5.  Introduction (holding the whole essay story together).
  6.  Body (the place where all the main ideas are represented and subdivided).
  7.  Conclusion (generating of the final analysis of the thesis statement).


Writing a character analysis introduction, make sure it contains a non-standard and intriguing hook, which must draw and captivate the reader’s attention. Besides, the perfect introduction should be meaningful and brief. For instance, you might compose a short description of the character to make the readers interested. It will be better not to go deeply into details. An explicitly and straightforward presentation of the persona and their role in the story will be more than enough.


Organize your body paragraphs, subdividing them into several ideas. Make sure you can answer all the professor’s questions to analyze your character. For example, you must describe a character’s background, personality, and physical appearance. Give an answer about which conflicts your main character is involved in. Answer how those conflicts resolve them and lessons learned from his or her behavior.


A perfect conclusion must generate the restatement of the thesis statement and hold together all the main ideas. For example, you might mention how the conflicts in a story resemble the disputes in real life. Also, you might write a conclusion about the way the character should have reacted to a specific situation. In other words, a determination should contain a summary of the main points of the essay.

Character Analysis Essay Example

Let’s review the character’s analysis of Anna from the cartoon “Frozen”. Anna is a protagonist and the principal figure in the story. Also, Anna is a specific character. She develops from a naive girl to a mature girl and can differentiate between real and fake love at the end of the book. In real life, such a conflict might be present, because a lot of girls are unwise when they begin relationships. So all in all, the character of Anna teaches us not to make quick decisions.

Still Looking for Help with the Character Analysis Essay?

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