Ultimate List Of 100+ Descriptive Essay Topics


Impressions and feelings, imaginative situations, memories, composing a descriptive paper are fun for most university or college students. They get an opportunity to use their creativity, making this essay type be such fun!

You are not supposed to do a lot of reading or research writing descriptive essays because they are based on the writer’s personal explanation and description of the given or selected topic. This paper type is perfect for students in high school since they are not willing to conduct the research.

Nevertheless, most students’ biggest issues while composing a paper are picking and selecting the paper topic; descriptive paper is not an exception. So the process might be time consuming, confusing, and complicated.

The paper format is similar. It consists of the intro, body paragraphs, and conclusion. However, the descriptive essay topics are different and suppose high descriptive capability level.

Check out our list of the best descriptive essay topics. Here are only the examples for you, so you might customize them according to your task.

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Descriptive Paper Topics For the College Students

  1. New wedded couple first week.
  2. A crazy bungee jump.
  3. The necessity of college education.
  4. The day when all failed.
  5. Education before everything.
  6. How is it possible to make the world better?
  7. The universe’s magnificence.
  8. Why does everyone need love?
  9. What is the future of cloning on this planet?
  10. The perfect day for the college student.
  11. Describe your first time when you had tears of joy.
  12. Describe your first love.
  13. The awesome experience of being in the mountains.
  14. Does karma work, and how?
  15. The infinity of heaven.
  16. How does the astronaut view the Earth?
  17. The reality and superstitions.
  18. Why do women love flowers?
  19. Describe a day with a baby giraffe.
  20. The Socratic method implementation for people with cognitive disabilities.

Descriptive Paper Topics For the High School Students

  1. Describe the most terrible nightmare you have ever had.
  2.  What is the most favorite place for you to read? Describe it.
  3. Describe the specific painting.
  4. How does your best friend look?
  5. How does your favorite pet look? Describe it.
  6. What seemed to be the most embarrassing moment you have ever had?
  7. Describe the specific addiction.
  8. How does your favorite teacher look?
  9. How does your souvenir look?
  10. The moment of your first acting in a play.
  11. How does the visit of your old friend look?
  12. How did your life-changing moment look?
  13. Describe the first moment you moved to another city.
  14. What will your future be like?
  15. Describe your favorite play.
  16. Describe the best place you wish to visit.
  17. Describe the process of baking a cake.
  18. Describe your worst day.
  19. What are the four most important clothing items for you?

Descriptive Paper Topics For the Middle School

  1. Describe the way you look into your forthcoming future.
  2. Describe the happiest day in your family circle.
  3. Create your town’s tour.
  4. Describe the most extraordinary individual you have ever met.
  5. Describe the most favorite season you have ever had.
  6. Describe the most unusual zoo animal.
  7. How does your favorite meal look?
  8. Describe your trip to specific mountains.
  9. The benefits and drawbacks of co-ed sports?
  10. Must school be selling fast food?
  11. Is school uniform mandatory?
  12. Describe your school bullies?
  13. The pros of giving fewer homework.
  14. Describe the case to leave your child at home on their own.
  15. What are the pros of beginning the school newspaper?
  16. Necessary reasons why children must have chores.
  17. The advantages of summer school.

Descriptive Paper Topics For Various Grades

Composing a descriptive paper is a necessary assignment to complete. Check out some of the greatest descriptive paper topics for various grades.

Descriptive Paper Topics For the Grade 5

  1. Describe your favorite character of the cartoon.
  2. Describe your favorite song.
  3. Describe why a specific photo is your favorite.
  4. Describe a special place.
  5. The most necessary time in history.
  6. How to build a fort?
  7. Describe the creepiest things.
  8. Tell whether you wish to be famous.
  9. Describe the process of doing your homework.
  10. Describe the perfect fishing.
  11. Tell how to stop hiccups.
  12. How to help the animals?
  13. Describe the process of looking at the globe.
  14. What are your favorite clothes?
  15. Describe the day when you have been in the home of your friend.
  16. Describe how and why you utilize your computer.

Descriptive Paper Topics For the Grade 6

  1. What is the most favorite hobby?
  2. Why is a specific movie your favorite? Try to describe it.
  3. Describe your favorite game and tell why you love it so much.
  4. Do you like playing a sport and why?
  5. Describe your most unusual talent.
  6. Describe the most favorite subject and elaborate on why it is like that.

Descriptive Paper Topics For the Grade 7

  1. Describe your perfect place for the vacation and mention why.
  2. What is your best lesson that you had ever learned?
  3. Describe your best hero and mention why.
  4. Suppose you had a possibility to have a superpower, what might it be, and mention why?
  5. Describe your favorite band.
  6. Describe your ideal college.

Descriptive Paper Topics For the Grade 8

  1. Which is the closest game to your heart?
  2. Is mobile phone a curse or boon?
  3. Describe the most treasured item for you.
  4. Describe the most favorite restaurant.
  5. Describe your dream house.
  6. 7 features of a good roommate.
  7. The funniest note on the closet.
  8. Describe your favorite memory from childhood.
  9. The best subway train ride.
  10. Describe the street from your school to home.
  11. Describe the most beautiful flower vase.
  12. Describe your best food.
  13. Describe your favorite teacher and their habit.
  14. What is the best photo you have ever taken?

Descriptive Paper Topics For the Grade 9

  1. Describe the initial day in school after summer vacations.
  2. The link between productivity and music.
  3. Tell why we must learn to love insects?
  4. Causes and sources of water pollution.
  5. Describe the rule of law.
  6. Describe the number of solar systems in a galaxy.
  7. The necessity of confidence and self-esteem for kids.
  8. Nurture vs. Nature.
  9. Domestic violence affects kids.

Good Descriptive Essay Topics

Descriptive papers are only complicated if you have to make up your mind what to compose about. Check out some of the easy and good descriptive paper topics that one might explore to generate one of themselves.

  1. Describe your initial day at your first job and the way you felt about it.
  2. Describe the most suffocating workplace day and how you managed to survive it.
  3. Tell how to ignore the negativity at your workplace.
  4. How can one be much more positive with your strict employers?
  5. Describe the best method to resolve the specific conflict and the way to utilize it in your nearest future.
  6. Miracles of staying concentrated at the workplace.
  7. The necessity of having a healthy routine when you have a tough job.
  8. The most confusing moment in the office.
  9. The best method to deal with the pressure of the coming deadlines.
  10. 9 tips to move ahead and invoke creativity in your work.

Descriptive Essay Topics About Science

  1. Which are the particles that are inside the atom?
  2. How was the atom discovered?
  3. Who is the greatest scientist?
  4. Describe the key points of the theory of everything.
  5. The necessity of salt in the sea.
  6. Is it possible to refine seawater at a cheaper rate?
  7. What is the main difference between basic and acidic radicals?
  8. What are the main differences between the ionic and the covalent compounds?
  9. The impacts of acid rain.
  10. Describe the first time a human landed on the Moon.
  11. Which is the nearest star to our planet?
  12. Why does Sunburn?
  13. Describe the way astronauts are living in space.
  14. The way GPS works.
  15. Who is the greatest astronaut?
  16. Which are the best human achievements in history?
  17. How was space discovered?

Descriptive Paper Topics Concerning Entertainment

  1. What is the most favorite scene taken from the movie you have recently watched?
  2. What is the most favorite physical setting about the soft drink you like in ads?
  3. What are the emotions you felt when you saw Mona Lisa for the first time?
  4. Describe the most favorite film’s plot.
  5. Tell a few words about the favorite fictional characters and say why you do like them.
  6. Selecting one abstract painting, describe your emotions about it.
  7. Which of the religious books impacted the thoughts you had?
  8. Describe your favorite writer and tell why they are your favorite.
  9. Describe your favorite kind of dance and the emotions you feel when you dance it.
  10. Tell a few words about your favorite TV series and mention the reason why you love them so much.

Descriptive Paper Topics Concerning Emotions

  1. Describe the most necessary event that influenced the personality of you.
  2. What were the psychological events that created the greatest impact on your personality negatively?
  3. Which psychological events impacted you positively?
  4. What was your last or first day in college like?
  5. Describe the best bike ride you had.
  6. Describe your emotions when holding a baby firstly.
  7. What did you feel when you lost your family member?
  8. Use 900 words to describe the way you feel when you were without any hair on your head.
  9. Describe the way writing might impact your personality.
  10. Describe the way stars are related to human personalities in various poems.

Descriptive Paper Topics Concerning Favorite Things and Activities

  1. Describe the most favorite film character.
  2. Describe the best movie of the 21st century.
  3. Describe your ideal house.
  4. What was your most touching poem, and why?
  5. Describe your meeting with the old friend you have not seen for a long time.
  6. Describe the most favorite book.
  7. Describe the most amazing thing you have ever experienced.
  8. Describe the initial time you fell in love.
  9. What was your first date like?
  10. Describe the first time you went shopping yourself.
  11. Describe the perfect dish that you cooked.
  12. Describe the weirdest food you have ever tasted.
  13. How is it possible to be connected with your friends and family?
  14. How is it possible to detect fake friends?
  15. How can one be socially more active?
  16. Why is cooking important in your life?
  17. The most necessary people in my life.
  18. Is love important for everyday life?
  19. Why it is a must to have a best friend.
  20. What was the hardest goodbye in my life?

Descriptive Essay Topics About Memories

  1. What is your life’s oldest memory?
  2. Describe the happiest minute in life.
  3. Describe the case when you did not expect something at all.
  4. Describe the most memorable event with the person that passed away.
  5. Describe the most confusing moment or day.
  6. Describe the coldest winter morning.
  7. Describe your day on the beach.
  8. Describe your preschool’s first day.
  9. What was the first concert you have ever visited like?
  10. Describe your most scary moment.

Descriptive Paper Topics Concerning Objects

  1. Describe the six objects in the kitchen.
  2. What was your prized possession like?
  3. Describe the most favorite room in the house.
  4. Describe your ideal outfit.
  5. Describe your smartphone to somebody from medieval times.
  6. The role of the computer in your life.
  7. Describe the objects you pass by on your way to school.
  8. What was your favorite toy?
  9. Describe the safety blanket.
  10. Describe the things you would like to forget.

These are perfect descriptive paper topics’ examples. Select the one you feel the most interested in, funny, and passionate about. Once you choose it, you should compose it. However, we might help you with it!

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