How to Write an Excellent Diversity Essay

Excellent Diversity Essay

When dealing with college applications, you need to perform perfectly numerous demanded essay papers, including Coalition Application and Common Application. Furthermore, various supplementary essays are requested for each college and university. These exceptional essays must be unique, but they can have a common theme like a diversity. The diversity essay is a special academic assignment, which needs to be written according to certain standards and detailed requirements. You can find diversity prompts to check in details how it must be written and formatted properly.

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Diversity Essay Definition

When you need to prepare college application essays, it is important to remember what kind of information the colleges need from an applicant. Mostly, colleges require a diverse student body who can cover information about various religions, ethnicities, interests, and backgrounds. Often, students write essays about their differences and controversial points of view. You can select a theme for your common application essay based on personal views and desires. One essay prompt states the following information: “Students often have various backgrounds, interests and diverse identities, which they want to reveal when performing a diversity essay to make it complete and clear.” Numerous essays can be used to find the main rules of a diversity statement enlightening.

Prompt #2 written by Duke University students: Future and Personal Experience

Duke University is always looking for talented and clever students who embody a wide set of human experience. Our community gets stronger with many exceptional students with diverse interests and preferences. If you want to become a part of our community, we are welcoming you to share your personal experience and background to help us to know you better. Feel free to tell about your exceptional ideas, interests, family background, sexual orientation, or cultural origin. We tend to understand our applicants better, thus make sure to share your exceptional experience to let us know you better when applying to Duke University. Colleges want you to demonstrate what you can contribute to their communities when applying to college.

Best Tips for Writing a Diversity Essay

When preparing a diversity essay, it is important to follow a few tips for writing an excellent final essay paper.

  • Think and Decide What Makes You Unique

You need to show your uniqueness when performing and submitting a diversity essay paper, thus make sure to think and decide what must be written in your essay in advance. Focus on your peculiarities and personal interests. The properly chosen main theme will let you stand apart from other applicants. There is no need to write about your hobbies. Better present your personal or work experience, and reveal the way it has influenced your life. Your personal path and individual life approach make you a unique individual. Thus, use this information in your diversity essay paper.

  • Provide A Standout Topic

When you write a diversity essay, you show your experience and perspective. Therefore, it is not only about diversity but about the particular unique experience. When you want to contribute to the diversity, you should prepare content, where to reveal in facts and figures your uniqueness. Something that sets you apart is the exact topic to write about. If you were born and raised in other socioeconomic circumstances, it would fit perfectly for a diversity essay main theme. Also, you can write about a difficult personal experience that has influenced your life approach a lot and the one that has shaped you as a person. The situations where you were bullied for can be discussed in your application essay.

  • Write Your Honest Story

There is no need to include fiction in your diversity essay since only an honest, authentic speech can be greatly appreciated by the college admission committee. In fact, within an admissions process, trying to trick college representatives is a wrong move that leads only to failure. Better make your essay really personal and full of authentic data. In the same time, this essay paper is a complex work, which requires proper formatting, essential parts presented, and practical conclusions. Therefore, never lie in your college admissions essay in order to succeed in your admission process.

  • Take Time to Brainstorm Your Ideas

You have enough time to brainstorm your ideas and personal experience to make the right choice and write your authentic individual story. When you need to present such an important essay paper, start your preparations in the early summer. Having enough time means to become well aware of every idea, brainstorm every concept, and save a time needed for a draft writing and proofreading eventually.

  • Write Your Story Using Personal Experience

It is highly recommended writing about your personal experience when completing a diversity essay. When you have some unique identity interests, personal background, and world views, it is important to focus on your peculiarities and preferences. You can show how your experience and perspectives have influenced your current point of view and a lifestyle. You can write about other people who have similar ideas and the ones you have helped to deal with their own uniqueness. College committees appreciate the college students’ role in the appreciation of students’ diversity. Most of the high school students have a lot of stories to tell about. It is important to write it properly, including the slightest details, and format the essay paper according to college school admissions requirements. Make sure to check the requirements for college applications in advance since they differ a lot, for example, art school and medical school will always provide different requirements for admission applications.

  • Read and Proofread Your Essay

When preparing a draft of an essay paper, you can check your main arguments and modify your ideas. The final draft of your paper must lack misunderstandings, wrong statements, lies, and very complicated concepts. Before proofreading a paper, make sure to re-read it properly a few times. The process of editing and proofreading should be aimed at delivering a unique and flawless diversity paper with authentic information revealed, and all admission committee’s requirements followed. You can ask another person to check your paper since it can be very helpful. Every graduate school student must assure the authentic nature of the presented content and represent their own ideas in a simple language. The admission committee representatives must pay a minimum of their time to get the main point of your submitted essay. This exact essay is your personal story that reveals your life experience and interests, thus make your ideas and voice matter.


A diversity essay is the top college admission essay that must reveal the applicants’ unique interests, background, and individual experience. When writing a diversity essay, it is important to show personal experience and perspectives when providing original content. The diversity within a certain community must be outlined in the paper.

The top universities in the United States use diversity essays to ensure diversity in student bodies. Many colleges require an essay when some need it as an additional application component.

When you perform a diversity essay for college or university, make sure to follow the next tips:

  • Think about what makes you really unique – check your personal experience and background to outline the way you have been developing differently within a certain social, economic environment;
  • Stay honest and authentic – avoid any lies in your essay and stay clear and honest, there is no need to include fiction in your personal story;
  • Write correctly and clearly – make sure to present flawless and unique content by using a simple language;
  • Take enough time – make sure to start your paper writing process on-time, pay enough time to brainstorm your main ideas and present your point of view properly;
  • Check and re-read a ready paper – make sure to submit an original and flawless diversity essay, thus read and re-read an essay a few times before submitting to the admission committee.

Use all the tips and instructions provided to prepare an excellent diversity essay!