What Admissions Essay Can Get You Into An Ivy League?


If you read this article, you probably seek to get into one of the Ivy League Universities. Whether you dream about studying at Harvard, Princeton, or Yale University, you have to write a great admissions essay. The thing is that the acceptance rates are as low as possible. They are between 4 and 7 percent, which means that you have to do your best to get there.

Writing an admissions essay is the most important part of the preparation for admission. You can have the best results for your exams and a lot of professional achievements. However, it is an academic essay that shows your strong suits and explains why you are the perfect candidate. You have to attract an admissions officer, make them want to read the essay from A to Z.

In this article, we will explain what steps you should take to create an outstanding admissions essay. You will understand how to stand out from other candidates and finally get into the Ivy League university.

What Is An Admissions Essay And Why Is It So Important?

An admissions essay is a personal statement that helps you express your personality and aspiration. You have to write an academic essay that explains why you are a great candidate for league schools. It sounds easy, but writing essay that decides your fate it extremely stressful. Not also should it show your benefits but also fit the college application pattern.

The complexity of that task lies in the low acceptance rates. Thousands of best US students seek to get to the Ivy League colleges. However, only a small part of them get that chance. A lot of people consider that you just try your luck when writing an admissions essay. And that is so not true.

Of course, you are going to write a great admissions essay. But is your essay a personal statement? Does it present you as the right candidate? Does it attract the attention and hook the reader from the first lines? Does it differentiate you from other applicants? If you cannot answer “yes” to all of those, let’s find out how to make your admissions essay perfect.

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Essential Tips For Creating A Great Admissions Essay?

There is no special type of academic essay that you have to write. The only requirement you should keep in mind is that your admissions essay must be within 650 words. Although you do not have to follow any special requirements, it is extremely important to make the essay bright and memorable. You have to attract the admissions officer and make them curious about you.

Keep in mind that it is not easy to surprise admissions professionals. As there are no special patterns that show candidates in the best light, you have to be creative. It only depends on you whether you can loosen up and show your true personality. However, we gathered some great tips that will help you improve your personal statement.

1. Learn the requirements

There is no special pattern for the admissions essay. Anyway, five prompts show how to start an essay. Before you start writing essay, you should get familiarized with those prompts and choose the one you like. It has to be suitable for your personal statement so that you can showcase your strong suits and interests.

However, we need to warn you that you should pick up the prompt that fits your statement, not vice versa. Do not try to fit any patterns because it makes your admissions essay dry and flat. The most important thing you should do is to show your creativity, not hide it.

2. Give yourself freedom

Do not set tight limits that do not allow you to go creative. Of course, writing a personal statement is an important task, and you have to be careful. However, thinking about standards is dangerous: you may lose your approach and blend in the whole flow of candidates. Keep in mind that your goal is to show your personality, stand out from the crowd.

Start with a draft and create an outline. Write down every idea that seems to be innovative. Make sure to write something from your personal experience. Do not focus on the way it sounds. Instead, focus on the way it feels. Imagine you are an admissions officer and evaluate the level of attractiveness of your text. If you do not know what personal things to write about, here are a few ideas:

  • Tell the reader about your passions
  • Discuss your achievements
  • Share the brightest moment of your life
  • Tell the officer about the person who is your role model

In other words, make your admissions essay sound like it is yours. There is no need to describe everything in general terms. Instead, describe an idea in detail so that it becomes obvious for a person who reads that.

3. Stay open and sincere

Let’s be honest: there is no need to be shy or hide something. If you are dreaming about the Ivy League university, be real. The admissions professionals want to know what type of person you are and why they should let you study there. Remember that the acceptance rates are too low, so you have to make the personal statement outstanding.

Do not focus only on your achievements and grades. Keep in mind that there are a lot of students who have higher grades and more professional accomplishments. But does that mean they more likely to get into the league schools? First of all, the admissions officer is willing to get familiarized with your personality.

Write about your features and character traits that make you special. Describe the moment or some person who changed your life. Nobody is perfect: do not try to praise yourself because it is repulsive. Discuss some funny story that shows what type of person you are. Be sincere, but take advantage of that. For example, you got C for your English test in 8th grade because you knew your mate was not prepared for that, and it would hurt him. It shows that you value friendship and close relationship.

4. Make a catchy introduction

Statistics say that you have around 7 seconds to interest the hr-manager when they read your CV. Well, there is no difference between applying for a job and sending a college application. The admissions officer is not going to read the whole academic essay unless you intrigue them. Your task is to impress them from the beginning.

Make sure to write a catchy introduction. It is the introduction where you should showcase your features and strong suits. Remember you browsing through the Internet and bumping into breaking news? The captions can be a clickbait, but something clicks inside of you, so you keep reading. Use this example to come up with a strong introduction.

Make the first lines full of emotions, but don’t forget about the content. It is worth mentioning that a bright introduction is already half of the success.

5. Proofread your admissions essay. A few times!

Even if you are 100% sure your essay is completed, don’t neglect to proofread. Keep in mind that the world-famous writers send the book for editing before publishing it. Furthermore, you should proofread the paper a few times to make sure it is perfect. A personal statement is the type of academic essay, too. Thus, do your best to exclude possible errors.

Check the logical sequence of the text to make sure your ideas flow sequentially. Otherwise, you are going to confuse the admissions officer, and they will put off your essay. Don’t let that happen. Imagine you need to assist the reader so that they read the paper from A to Z.

6. Define the main message

Don’t write about everything and anything at all. Define the main message of your essay and support it with other thoughts and ideas. Choose one main idea, one important story, and one moment that changed your life. If you write more than one thing, the admissions professionals can lose the main idea. Therefore, your admissions essay will turn into just a bunch of words.

Make sure you follow one general idea, not three small parts of that. Remember that it should be easy for the admissions officer to understand what is the message of your essay.

Make A Perfect Admissions Essay

The admissions essay is the most important part of your college application. You should write a personal statement that shows your features as a candidate. If you seek to get into an Ivy League university, you have to create an outstanding admissions essay. Your task is to impress the admissions professionals, make them continue reading your essay.

Our writing guide is to help you improve the admissions essay and make it sound natural. Keep in mind that you should stay comfortable while writing essay. Be honest and sincere because there is no need to hide your personality. Instead, show your way of thinking, personality traits, and willingness to fight for a place in the sun.