Freshman: A First-Year Student


A freshman is a person in his or her first year at any education establishment. That’s why this time is full of fears and expectations, so both student and his parents can’t take their emotions under the control. But if you know what to expect from your first days in college or university and how to hold transition to high school, you would be much more prepared for all expected and unexpected events. So, the best you can do as a freshman or a parent of freshman is to know more about your first year of education.

Another name of freshman is First Year Student. It is translated as a person who has the first day as an independent student. You can see a lot of terms to describe your status, but the freshman is the most popular and easy-to-understand. So, keep it using for your parents, friends, etc.

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Freshman in international meaning is a student of 9th Grade of education. So, on average, he or she is 14-15 years old (if we talk about the first year in high school). Besides, the first year in college or university also makes you be a freshman. Such title will belong to you during the whole first year in the new education establishment.

In literally meaning the name of freshman means a person with a naive attitude to life and education. He or she is going to make the first steps in getting new skills, so it is okay to understand your reality doesn’t match your expectations. That’s why the student should be informed about his approximate challenges and benefits during this time. So, should parents do to be able to support their kids in the new stage of life?

What to Expect from Your College Freshman’s First Year

The national definition of the YFCY study (Your First College Year) confirms that it is not easy for teenagers. They are adult enough to be independent, but can’t handle unexpected issues. As a result, college freshmen feel anxiety and even depression, so a lot of them get into the troubles. Let’s stop here and talk about the main things you need to pay attention to.

We will start with the traditional advice of college administrators. They recommend beginning with the basic preparation for this new stage of education. There are a lot of fears, which will disturb you from doing things right: worries about payment for college, being sick and missing classes, having too much homework, being unable to finish everything in time, etc. But if you use a rational approach, the process of adaptation will be faster and easier.

As a parent of freshman you should follow such advice:

  • to give your kid space. The first year in college is a time when your son or daughter must learn to be independent. So, don’t cramp their personal development;
  • to help, if you can. Try not to break your kid’s boundaries, but help with essential things, such as college payment and giving a ride;
  • to be a support team. The results of one research confirmed that parent is the main source of support for 63% of students in their period of emotional crush.

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So, as a student be ready for such things:

  • to learn quick. You’ll get into a new place with its rules and particularities. So be attentive and make notes in your textbook, use campus maps, different gadgets, and other things, which can help you to organize own time and actions;
  • to develop a positive attitude. You may have a lot of fears and worries, but don’t let them harm you. Be friendly, tidy, and nice, so you can make friends with your classmates and find a way to communicate with your professors convincingly;
  • to write a lot of essays. Such type of academic writing is one of the most popular. You will learn to write different types of papers, using the modern writing style. If you feel troubles with it, continue to exercise and use professional assistance. All first-year students will be glad to get real help in writing homework because it allows getting more self-confidence.

Listen to yourself and keep calm. The first year in college is an important stage in education, but it is also a huge part of your life. So, take all its advantages and become a successful student!