Thesis statement on global warming

Thesis statement on global warming

College and university students face a lot of challenges today. The higher education system imposes quite high demands on them. They include the preparation of written works in a huge variety. You will have to write a large number of essays, articles, reports and other papers. Some of them seem boring and monotonous. But there is also a creative letter.

This is the class where you can truly prove yourself, raise important topics, and prove your point of view. Of course, you know that the topic of climate is being actively discussed today. Environmental protection has become the first item on the agenda. This is an extensive topic that can be divided into a large number of topics: global climate, climate change, layer destruction, greenhouse gas emissions, etc.

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Examples of thesis statements for global warming topics

Coming up with global warming topics can be tricky. You know that tons of issues exist and you simply can’t come up with one thesis statement that is in the class of its own. The best idea is to do brainstorming. Write down all your thoughts that are connected with global warming. It is easy if you don’t have strict requirements and should not write about carbon dioxide or other specific issues. Then do you research and choose the best one.

We have prepared a lot of good ideas for you. Use them for inspiration and express your thesis statement!

Essay global warming topics

  • Scientists forecasts about global warming
  • How does global warming affect climate change
  • Proven causes of ozone layer destruction
  • Greenhouse gas emissions: why should we worry?
  • Official causes of global warming
  • Global warming: myth or real threat?

Politics-related topics of global warming

  • Why some countries don’t take care of global warming?
  • The impact of international treaties on global climate
  • Can people outside politics stop global warming?
  • Do politicians’ statements about global warming make any sense?
  • How can politics change the global climate?

Biology-related topics of global warming

  • The effect of the ozone layer destruction on the food we eat
  • Does climate change harm animals as it harms people?
  • How does our health improve or worsen under the influence of climate change?
  • Is human really the most important enemy of the planet?
  • Is carbon dioxide harmful?
  • Why do coral reefs die?
  • Planet biodiversity plagued by global climate
  • Does biology believe that global warming is a natural cycle of the planet?

Historical topics of global warming

  • Obama government steps to curb climate change
  • Where are the origins of global warming?
  • When did polar bears begin to die out and why?
  • Could we stop global change 10 years ago?
  • How agriculture has changed in recent years

Global warming topics that are related to movies, articles, and books

  • Al Gore directed a global-warming documentary. Analyze it.
  • Does Rolling Stone consider global warming as a cause of national security?
  • Read the article “Crossroads of Climate Change” and analyze why some tree species are becoming more common.
  • Introduce yourself to the global climate after watching David Attenborough’s video

Global warming speech topics

  • Is it a positive impact of a changing global climate on our health?
  • Is there a correlation between urbanization and global warming?
  • Does the business feel climate change?
  • How do changes in the atmosphere affect the global picture?
  • Why do some countries ignore the issue of global warming?

Global warming topics on the greenhouse effect

  • What is the impact of greenhouse gas on the environment?
  • What can we do to get rid of greenhouse gas emissions?
  • Why do greenhouse gas emissions still increase in most countries?
  • Greenhouse gas and its consequences: the pros and cons
  • How does greenhouse gas affect the ozone layer?

Manmade causes versus natural causes

It is pretty difficult to distinguish particular global warming reasons. They can be both natural and artificial at the same time. In your thesis statement, you can emphasize the difference between these reasons. Show how humanity increased the carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere, how the consumption of fossil fuels replaced the natural sources of gas. In the process of brainstorming global warming topics, you can blame or justify humanity by finding the appropriate arguments for this.

Rising temperatures and declining sea ice

In your thesis statement, you can search for a relationship. For example, an increase in surface temperature caused a decrease in sea ice in the Arctic. Some researches claim that the decline in ice in December 2014 was already 3.4% per decade.

Effects of melting glaciers on water supply

The global climate affects the state of sea ice and many glaciers in the world. All 3 glaciers under the supervision of the US Geological Survey have significantly reduced their mass over the past 40 years. You can use your thesis statement to state the problem of melting glaciers, its cause, and its consequences. For example, many Peruvians need Andean glaciers for hydropower and drinking water.

Effects of drought on food production

Climate change affects not only sea-level rise. Weather conditions changes and severe drought were the consequences of this phenomenon. If you analyze the average annual temperatures in southwest America, you will find that they have increased by about 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Use your thesis statement to tell what this led to. It reduced snow cover, caused severe drought and forest fires. In your global warming topics, you can analyze the impact of global warming on farming.

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