How To Restate A Thesis Statement

Restate A Thesis Statement

For your reader not to get bored, you need to rebuild and modify your thesis all the time and illustrate it with various examples. It also increases the chances that every reader will understand your point you were trying to deliver.
Just like in the example from the previous paragraph, we see the main point — the idea and the main plot of the story. It is how it works — your concept (thesis) has to be reflected by the scheme of your writing.

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What is a Thesis, and How to Write It?

Let us begin by specifying the definition of the thesis to avoid further possible misunderstandings.
The thesis is the quintessence of your plot, the main point of your writing. When presenting your piece of writing to the broad audience, be it an essay, short story, or a novel, one should always mention the critical thesis.
For example, if we are presenting «Three Musketeers», one of the world`s most popular novels by Alexander Dumas, this is how the thesis of the story would look like: «This novel tells us about the great importance of pure friendship, true love, dignity, family, honesty, and loyalty. Just as the main characters, we should never forget about these things and never give up when things get hard…».

Working out the Restatement Basics

Before starting to write or even making the outline of the future text, try to formulate your main point in one sentence or phrase. If we try to develop the main point of «Three musketeers» so that it would be one short sentence. It could look like this: «No matter what happens to you or what the circumstances are — one must always stay loyal to friendship, love, and duty.
In other words, the original statement itself should be as short and straightforward as possible. In this case, it would be easier to blend the thesis in the plot in as many «shapes» as possible.
As we mentioned earlier, this method works for both fiction and research writing.

Decide on a Place for the Restatement

No matter what kind of writing you are working at, you should always remember about the vitality of the structure. The text with the weak structure is like a town with no proper planning, where the buildings are placed chaotically. It is easy to get lost, and it is almost impossible to understand.
If we are talking about the restatement (reconstructed thesis), it is even more important to plan all the restatements while outlining the text and working on the structure.
Usually, it is recommended to use from 3 to 5 different restatements and illustrate them with various examples. However, it is better not to keep any certain number in mind as it depends on the kind of writing and its length. We offer you some formula. We hope it will be helpful for you.
We all remember the introduction, body paragraph, and conclusion. Let`s begin by taking a closer look at the opening.
Introduction — it is the entry part of the text, which motivates the reader to keep reading the rest of the document. It should be intriguing and crystal clear all at the same time. As for the length, it should take around 10-20 % of the whole text. In the introduction, you put up your thesis firstly. There is no need to make the restatement yet.
Body paragraph — you reveal everything you were about to say on one particular subject. It means you have to make sure that the points you have are delivered clearly. And none of your readers are going to have a hard time understanding what exactly did you mean to say. So you need to make sure you have formulated your thesis to be understandable. But do not make the body paragraphs too long. Remember about the moderation.
Conclusion — is a summary of everything you were talking about in the text. It has to be very brief yet logical and understandable as some people save their time by reading the introduction and conclusion, ignoring the main body of the text.

Answer the «So What?» Question

Of course, we should mention one more obvious thing. The most important thing about the thesis is it should make a perfect sense and has to be formulated in the way everyone will understand what exactly are you talking about.
To make sure your thesis has got it, you can go back to that moment, when you have formulated the original thesis and give it a crush test, by trying to answer some tricky questions some people can have. You can either do it yourself or ask someone else. Do not forget about mentioning the «king» of all items — «So what?». If you menace to answer it, there is nothing at all to worry about.

Avoid Clichés

Try to deliver your thesis in a fresh and modern way.
We all remember there is nothing new under the sun, and we cannot do anything about the holly truth. You should always stay kind and helpful, and killing people is terrible. The meaning can hardly be changed.

Do Not Apologize

As we mentioned earlier, it is a good idea to give your thesis a proper crush test to make sure it makes total sense. Therefore, if you have already done it, do not let yourself doubt that your statement is worth it to talk about. It has to be open for discussion and criticizing, which you do not need to be afraid of. There will be something to say or to do — there is always going to be someone to criticize it. Real writers never apologize; they strongly believe that everything they do benefit humanity.

Use Substitute Synonyms

What is the best way to tell one story in several different ways without changing the plot, names of characters, etc.? The answer to this question is using synonyms.
Every restatement of your thesis should be based on using synonyms.
For example, you are writing an essay about global warming and the issue go glacier melting. In this case, your original statement can look like this:
«The melting of the glacier means the rising of the water level in the world, which will cause floods, heavy raining, and many other things. History has never known any more dangerous environmental situation, but now we still have the chance to save our planet…».
The restatement can look like this:
«As a result of global warming, we can now see how the icebergs are melting, which makes the water level in the world ocean rise. It can be a reason for the increasing amounts of floods, pouring rains, and many other things that can bring huge damage to the people. We have already broken the historical record of environmental damage, yet we can still save our home…»
As you see, we have two sentences with the same idea, yet they sound differently. However, all we did was using the synonyms, and we slightly changed the structure of the first sentence.


We hope this article gave you an understanding of what is the thesis and what are the best ways to create it. We hope to see you soon on our website to check out some other useful articles.